Shock! Biden wins Delaware Primary

In what seems to be a well run, albeit low turnout affair wherein about half of voters voted by mail, the former U.S. Senator from Delaware for over 35 years, and the former Vice President, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has won the Delaware Presidential Primary going away. He garnered nearly 90% of the vote to Sanders’ 7.5% and Warren’s 3%.

State Party Chairman Erik Raser-Schramm: “Today, voters sent a clear message that Delaware is Joe Biden Country. And with the First State’s enthusiastic voters and volunteers, we are going to do our part to make America Biden Country this fall.

I want to thank all the elections officials and poll workers who worked hard today and over the previous weeks and months to ensure voting was safe and secure during this unprecedented pandemic. I’m also grateful to the General Assembly and Governor John Carney for ensuring that voters won’t have to choose between their health and their voice in this year’s elections. To those who voted at polling places today or previously via absentee ballot, thank you for your commitment to our democracy.

We are now just six weeks from the day on which Vice President Biden will formally become our Party’s nominee, and less than four months away from the most important election of our lifetimes. The time is now, however, for Democrats and all Americans of goodwill to unify and do our part to help elect leaders like Joe Biden – leaders who will restore sanity, dignity, and promise to this great country we love.”

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6 comments on “Shock! Biden wins Delaware Primary

  1. Joe Connor

    It was more in person than it first appeared as final numbers are in It was almost a 50/50 split. The willingness of folks to come out in person in a decided race encourages me for November. The R number was over 2/1 in person and was super low. This being Delaware it may not mean much overall but based on my crazy whacko Facebook contingency the R’s were out whipping up the troops and it didn’t yield much:).

    • Delaware Dem

      Thanks. I updated the post to reflect that. The in person machine votes were 1% more favorable to Sanders.

  2. At least I got to actually cast a vote for Warren to be president. Albeit a meaningless one.

  3. The 90% victory will box out any Delaware delegates for Bernie/Warren at the (virtual) convention. They needed 15% to get a delegate.

  4. Stan Merriman

    Well run? Mail ballots offered the option of universally security expert condemned email ballot return, highly insecure and just plain dumb. Also, seems like the transition to a new registration management system resulted in many folks showing up to vote and though they thought they were registered, couldn’t be found. Looks like both are going to take some remedial work before the next primary and general elections. When will the party actually get engaged in strong, competent advocacy to protect our votes? Not hopeful because saving our own the embarrassment of bad judgement here seems to be the party’s priority. Yes, I know we must not destroy confidence in our voting process, but where is the limit of just plain dumb practices?

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