Bonini to grace us with his presence in the GOP Primary

It’s now a 5 or 6 way race in the Republican primary for Governor, as failed 2016 GOP nominee and current cantankerous Senator Colin Bonini has thrown his hat into the ring. From the Delaware State News:

Echoing many of the same themes from 2016, he said the state has been going nowhere for a long time and is now heading there even faster.

“His party has lost its mind. … Look around you, the evidence is clear,” he said, blasting the recent protests over racism and police brutality, Wilmington’s decision to take down a statue for Caesar Rodney to keep it safe from demonstrators and a bill approved Thursday allowing voting by mail.

LOL. If he is running against voting by mail and the George Floyd protests and in support of police brutality, then he is going to lose by even more than the 58-39 margin he suffered in 2016.

It sounds like the boy king expects the field to be cleared for him, in that he does not expect to compete in a primary:

Though he’s set to face several Republicans, including fellow state Sen. Bryant Richardson, in a primary, Sen. Bonini is hopeful he can win the party nomination without such a contest. A primary before the general election would only help Democrats, he said.

As for what separates him from those other contenders, Sen. Bonini thinks that’s clear: He is the only one with a chance to win the governor’s office, a post Democrats have held since 1993. Not only does he have high name recognition, Sen. Bonini said, he has plenty of contributed cash, although he wouldn’t specify where the money came from, noting only it will be in his August campaign finance report.

Bonini enters the race with the aforementioned Richardson, Neil Shea, Dave Bosco, Julianne Murray and possibly Chris Kenny already preparing their own runs for Governor.

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5 comments on “Bonini to grace us with his presence in the GOP Primary

  1. mediawatch

    I’m quite bemused by the prospect of Bonini running for governor.
    First two debate questions:
    Senator, in your time in the General Assembly, you have never voted in favor of a state budget. First, if elected governor, will your administration make a budget proposal to the General Assembly? Second, as governor, would you veto every budget presented to you and require the General Assembly to override your veto every year?

  2. Mitch Crane

    I am amazed that 5 people will be seeking the Republican nomination for Governor ( maybe six if Scott Walker throws his cap in); no Republican will win statewide this year. Too bad Bonini and Richardson’s Senate seats aren’t up. We could at least get rid of two of the three (“No’s”). The third, Lawson, is up.

  3. Another Mike

    High name recognition? Maybe to those of us who read political blogs. He’s been a state rep since 1994, and if he stood in Rodney (?) Square all day tomorrow fewer than 10% of those he encountered would know him. Bonini took a narrow loss in Kent County in 2016, and he only won Sussex by a few percentage points.

    • Au Conraire mon frere, I think we all know what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum look like, thus we can identify Bonini.

  4. Self-delusion has been his only evident skill in his entire career.

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