Pete Schwartzkopf Must Resign as Speaker

He no longer represents the Democratic caucus or the people of Delaware. He has made it quite clear he only represents his former colleagues in the police departments across the state.

Here is what he said in the News Journal today:

But the top-ranking Democrat, who voiced support for the Black Caucus’ proposed reforms at a Wednesday press conference, warned during the interview that proposed regulations such as body cameras aren’t going to become laws without police approval. “A legislator writing a policy is not going to get the approval of the law enforcement officers, I’m going to tell you that right now,” Schwartzkopf said.

What the actual fuck. Let me make something clear to you, Pete, right now. The police work for the people. They work for you. You, as legislators, write the laws that govern the state. That govern the rules of engagement of the police. They take their orders from you. Not the other fucking way around. The police do not get to write their own rules of engagement. They do not get to write their own accountability laws and regulations. Guess what it is called when the police get to write all the laws that govern them? A police state.

The fact that you do not understand that, and in fact voice the opposite and unconstitutional view, means you are no longer fit, if you ever were, for the office as Speaker. You should resign this very instant, and if you do not do so by close of business today, then the Democratic caucus should vote to replace you.

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10 comments on “Pete Schwartzkopf Must Resign as Speaker

  1. Dawn Heck

    Fact. The police are to enforce the laws put into place by our state congress. The police should want the cameras as much as citizens want them to wear them; offsets the ‘he said, she said’ nonsense. Wearing them can help diffuse (during heightened situations, emotions) many police/citizens encounters.


  3. Pete got every bodies attention with his incredibly arrogant statement, it suggests the police have the power to stop laws they don’t like. The police are supposed to work for us, seems they don’t like it. Tough, body cams should have been in place long ago. Shwartzkopf will not resign and I doubt the cowards will have the nerve to dethrone him. It’s a reminder that police retirees are a very poor fit for the Democratic party.

    • You don’t think they can? Have you tried going through the medical cannabis program in this state? It is terrible. It makes patients feel like the criminals Pete is certain they are.

  4. I agree after being told by him while lobbying for HB 110 (adult-use cannabis legalization) that he “will never vote for marijuana legalization because I am an ex-cop.” He does not represent District 14 on this as his constituents heavily favor legalization.

    His comments last week that protesters should be liable for damages was the last straw. That his fealty to the police supersedes our Constitutional rights for freedom of assembly and free speech cannot be tolerated.

    I voted for him last time because of the lack of a sane alternative. I won’t do so again.

    • The 14th RD needs to be prodded to primary him. His relationship to them at this point is toxic.

  5. John Kowalko

    After reading details from the Speakers interview to wit: “A legislator writing a policy is not going to get the approval of the law enforcement officers, I’m going to tell you that right now,” Schwartzkopf said. (But the top-ranking Democrat, who voiced support for the Black Caucus’ proposed reforms at a Wednesday press conference, warned during the interview that proposed regulations such as body cameras aren’t going to become laws without police approval.) I am forced to conclude that our highest ranking caucus leader is willing to concede our legislative authority to the police union and other special interests and that is totally unacceptable.
    Additionally the statements made by police union President Fred Calhoun show a lack of understanding and empathy for the breadth and scope of this situation and no remorse for the victims of police overreactions. The belligerence of the police in dealing with the peaceful protesters in Dover including the detention of the Dover Post reporter adds to the sense of urgency.
    Rep. Kowalko

  6. The caucus that keeps re-electing him to “leadership” is who has blood on their hands. They are REPRESENTATIVES, not leaders. Get that straight, every last one of them.

  7. Frank Sims

    47 House Representatives knowing his arrogance and egotism made his role possible. Shame on them. Remember in November.

  8. Dana Garrett

    The problem doesn’t start with Pete. It starts with House Democratic caucus that votes him in as speaker of the house term after term. I can’t help but think that they do this so that he will take dogmatic stands like this one and thereby absolve themselves of any responsibility of any legislation that he doesn’t permit to come to the floor. Pete is a dogmatist and consequently doesn’t have the open mindedness and reasonableness to be the speaker. That has been evident for years, but the Democratic caucus votes him as speaker nonetheless. What else could be the reason?

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