Black Caucus to Announce Racial Justice Bills

The time has come to play hardball. To challenge the pro-police “we are with you in spirit” Democrat that currently occupy positions of power in the Democratic General Assembly leadership. Today, the Delaware Legislative Black Caucus will announce a package of legislation designed to address the systemic racial injustice faced by people of color in Delaware.

I am not privy to what exactly is in the legislative package, but I would imagine that some of the bills will target police training and education. Mandatory racial bias screening and training is a must, as is a background check for police cadets and transferred officers from other jurisdictions. Further, a continuous review of an officer’s social media accounts to find developing racial bias and address it. A demilitarization of our police force, and actual accountability if there is a police brutality incident, rather than just moving a bad apple to a different precinct.

I hope the Black Caucus demands the passage of this legislation or else they don’t vote for the Budget. It’s time for Progressive legislators who are white to join them in that demand.

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3 comments on “Black Caucus to Announce Racial Justice Bills

  1. cassandram

    I hope that this also includes the LEOBOR — either a massive revision or elimination.

  2. It has been said that the cop who murdered George Floyd would have walked in Delaware because of this law, not a lawyer but I believe it. Rule one going forward: No More Retired cops as Dem candidates, they are all authoritarians at heart and antithetical to the parties principles.

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