Bryant Richardson to Run for Governor

Poor Chris Kenny. He was playing the name recognition building game in preparing to run for Governor, but now, all of a sudden, an actual current Republican officeholder has jumped ahead of him in the race and has announced his candidacy for Governor. Senator Bryant Richardson from Sussex County, where they enjoy freedom, theocracy and disease, not necessarily in that order, announced his intentions on Saturday at a religious freedom pro-COVID 19 rally in Dover.

Richardson was elected to the Senate from the conservative downstate 21st Senatorial District in 2014, and has spend the last five years attempting to ban abortion and other reproductive freedoms and gender identity freedoms. For Trumpist Evangelicals, Richardson is probably the most credible candidate they can find to run, and they will likely rally around his candidacy.

From the State News: “I do have a strategy I have been developing,” said Sen. Richardson. “I didn’t really think about running for governor. But then when someone suggested I run, I thought about it and after a while I thought … well, one thing that can come out of this is the issues that I care most deeply about will be reported on. And they will be brought to the forefront. I’m in the race to go all the way to Nov. 3 and win there, too.”

Sen. Richardson has been highly critical of Gov. Carney’s COVID restrictions, particularly the two-month prohibition on large gatherings that made it impossible to hold normal religious services. He said he understands “there is a danger with the COVID-19” but some of the steps “are extreme, especially shutting down the churches.”

“And you can see our liberties have been stripped, under the premise that there is an emergency. I agree with the emergency. I don’t agree with the governor going to the extremes he has with this,” Sen. Richardson said.

Technically, there is already a Republican running for Governor aside from Richardson and the potential candidacy of Chris Kenny, and that is of Neil Shea, who is one of the Reopen Delaware whackos that decided to go down to Rehoboth to spread disease. He has already filed to run, and he had a Go Fund Me page to grift …. er ah raise funds for the filing fees to run, but it looks like the fundraising tool as been disabled. But like I said above, Richardson would be the first CREDIBLE candidate. And I am stretching credulity in applying that term to him, but he is an elected official.

For those wondering, Richardson will not have to give up his Senate seat to run for Governor. He is not up for reelection in the 21st SD until 2022, so he is free to run this year for Governor and get walloped.

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16 comments on “Bryant Richardson to Run for Governor

  1. Agreed, Trump for brains types will love it, dare say the campaign will be a festival of insane statements concerning the virus and endless attempts to insert religion into the government. Let the stupidity begin!

  2. mediawatch

    Never thought it would be possible for Carney to get a higher percentage of the vote than Biden in the same year, but Richardson makes it a good prop bet.

    • cassandram

      Does Richardson have any accomplishments in Leg Hall whatsoever? I mean, just from the announcement it sure seems that they don’t care much about anything other than making sure Trump voters turnout in DE so that the trouncing isn’t as bad. Not like DE is a swing state or anything.

  3. Delaware gets walloped if Carney wins, total zero

    • You sure spend a lot of time trolling liberal sites. Another lazy, do-nothing conservative with no thoughts beyond schoolyard insults. Sad.

    • Seeing your pic, the total zero is you.

      • I doubt that’s him. That gravitar shows up on a lot of troll comments.

  4. Christopher Lockard

    If anyone would like to sit down and speak with candidate Neal Shea, please reach out to us.

    • Hop-Frog

      If you do, be prepared to risk your health, and perhaps your life, as Mr. Shea disdains the wearing of a protective mask in public, at least if my experience at his Marsh Road pub last Saturday is any indication.

      • Which pub is that? I want to know so I can avoid giving any business to a dipshit who posts a picture of himself with Oliver North.

        • VenialCyn

          Bellefonte Brewing Co

          • Thanks. Never been there, and I feel bad for his employees, but there’s enough brewpubs around that I don’t have to try his.

  5. Joshua Duryea

    Senator Richardson Represents a Governortorial Candidate who when elected will promote a Delaware Government for the people by the people.We Thee People of Delaware.Need to elect Senator Richardson as our next.Govenor of Delaware he has all the expertise to help Delaware Citizens recover from the Conavius Crisis.While protecting them from all other threats to their well being and safety.God Bless Him and God Bless The USA

    • We can hope that, some day, we will have a governor that will be able to fund the schools enough that all children will be able to spell, punctuate and think critically. Obviously, we have failed thus far.

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