The 62 District Strategy – Filling out the Republican Statewide Slate

The Republicans are finally beginning to field candidates for the top statewide jobs. Not with stellar and credible candidates, mind you, but just with warm bodies that some may call human beings in the strict biological sense.

For the U.S. House, we have an actual Republican primary for the seat currently occupied by Democratic Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. First, you have actor Lee Murphy running again for the seat. He lost in the primary in 2018 to arbor vandal and insane person Scott Walker, who himself is allegedly running for some kind of office this year, but more on that in a moment. Second, we have Trumpist and reformed gay basher Matthew Morris.

For Governor, I have placed Kenny Family ShopRite CEO Chris Kenny into that slot as I believe he is preparing to run as a Republican for the office. His name will remain there until he publicly states he is not running for office.

For the U.S. Senate, we have a Trumpist named Lauren Witke running in a primary against Delaware’s version of Scott Walker. Walker has seemed to have settled on running against Democratic U.S. Senator Chris Coons after going back and forth on possibly challenging Democratic Governor John Carney, whom Walker has sued over the COVID-19 shutdown restrictions.

So now the GOP just needs a Lt. Governor candidate and an Insurance Commissioner candidate and they will have a full state wide slate. [Update: Donyale Hall is running for Lt. Governor as a Republican].

They still have to find candidates in 28 General Assembly races.

Anne Kerner, pictured above in the blue on the bridge, is also apparently running for something, but it is not immediately clear for what. Her newly created Twitter account says she is running for Governor. But she just filed FEC Forms 1 and 2 (Statement of Candidacy) with the Federal Election Commission indicating that she is seeking the office of U.S. Representative. And yet, her committee name that filed the forms with the FEC is titled Anne Kerner for Governor 2020. I’d say she is confused. I am going to put her on the chart as challenging Lisa Blunt Rochester for now, since that is the office she has officially filed for with the FEC, no matter her committee name.


20 comments on “The 62 District Strategy – Filling out the Republican Statewide Slate

  1. They have a Lt. Gov candidate, it’s Donyale Hall

  2. Joe Connor

    Check Morris ballot eligibility…. , but he and “Murph” will be entertaining 😉

    • Delaware Dem

      He is over the age of 25 and lives in Delaware. I suppose you are referring to his felony conviction and whether that prevents him from running. I need to check that out but I don’t think that disqualifies him from the ballot.

      • Stevens

        Morris can’t run in state but can run national with a felonly conviction. He cannot serve on commitess or have a acess to any security clearence. He did try running for the 10th RD. The Crazy Chairwomen of DEGOP Jane does have someone for IC its Dr. Julia Pillsbury (On the DEGOP facebook) Chris Kenny is not planing a run this year yet because of the PAC he started. Him and Ben Dupont are plannning a duo run in 2022. There are rumors that Eric Buckson of Kent County will run for governor. Eric has purcahsed the domains 2 weeks ago.

    • cassandram

      Matthew Morris


      I’m all here for people paying their dues and getting back to society in some productive function. But I don’t want someone representing me with a history of hurting gay people from party that actively works at devaluing gay people. Delaware is a much more inclusive place than that. And makes me wonder what his website tag of Hindsight 2020 even means.

      • Mitch Crane

        I remember reading about that brutal beating. I would be curious about how me made restitution to his victim, and what his present attitude is.

        As to registration, he is a registered Republican in Wilmington. His voting record is erratic. In 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2014, he voted only in the General Election. He did not vote at all in 2016. In 2018 he voted in a school board election and the Primary, but not in the General Election.

      • Matthew M Hathaway Morris


        I am GAY.

        -Matthew Morris

  3. Mitch Crane

    I cannot find an Anne Kerner registered to vote in Delaware. Her Twitter account says she is running for governor and has two followers. What she has written sounds like a Democrat. There is a Middletown area pediatrician who I have been told is going to run for Insurance Commissioner. She recently changed her party from Democrat to Republican.

  4. Matthew M Hathaway Morris

    I find it absolutely historical you called me a gay basher, my boyfriend loved that one. 🙄

    • I guess it’s funny because you literally bashed a gay man?

      verb (used with object)
      to strike with a crushing or smashing blow.

      Your hindsight might actually be more like 20/80.

  5. Matthew M Hathaway Morris


    • Mitch Crane

      I, too, am gay. I noticed in my life that not all gay people are alike. Some suppress who they are and act homophobic to appear straight. Look at all the Republican elected officials with anti-LGBTQ voting records who come out after they are caught in a bathroom, on gay hook-up apps, in gay bars, decorating their congressional office in a “Downton Abby” motif. So, since you are running for office as a candidate for nomination of a political party that is anti-LGBT in its platforms and where almost all in elective office have opposed all LGBTQ legislation, please tell is how, as a man with a “boyfriend”, do you identify with a political party that would deny you your rights? Since you are a man with a “boyfriend” who was determined to be criminally responsible for the physical assault of a Gay man, please enlighten the people of Delaware (whose vote you are seeking) what happened that day and what is your excuse. And please don’t blame it on drugs or alcohol. There were days years ago when I was under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. I never assaulted anyone. My legal experience informed me that people who, under the influence, assault gay men, rape women, shoot black men, did not do so because of what they were on. The substances merely brought out the hatred they had been long suppressing.

      So, what is your story?

      • Matthew Morris

        I came out when I was 15 years old.
        I registered republican when I was able to identify my true moral value system aligned with a party that believed in individual freedoms, liberties, fiscal responsibility, national defense, and helping the little man how to fish.
        Where some may have deviated from the true republican values, I have not. I do not align my self with right winged fundamentalists who think being homosexuality is a sin, and that we will burn in hell for being so.

        In fact, it is men like my self who are able to make a difference among all in educating others about our community. Maybe we need more gay republicans who stand for equality, individual freedoms and liberties, and will fight to preserve American value and fiscal responsibility.

        I have NEVER once denied, deflected, nor withheld accountability for my actions. I know I wronged that man I attacked. Regardless to what the truth may be regarding what happened that night. I OWNED it. I turned my self in the very next day the video aired on Tv. I went to prison, I served my time and I continue to not only pay financial restitution, but I repay a moral restitution in my community activism and celebration of sobriety.

        Who ever feels the need to judge me, so be it. You don’t know what I have gone through in life, why I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. None of you know the abuse I endured as a child, or how I grew up in a fatherless family and the fact I became a statistic. Nor does it show any of you care that through my trials and tribulations, I have been able to come out on top. From tragedy to triumphs I have been able to put an end to so many stigmas.
        1.) Recovering Addict
        2.) Convicted Felons
        3.) Gay Republican
        4.) Fatherless Children

        Yes, I was an addict. Yes, I have made some really bad choices in my life. But I learned from my mistakes. I learned the impact our actions have on not just those we directly affect, but the trickled effect it has on others associated, as well as the community at large. When I entered into a life of sobriety, I began to understand the true capacity at which I can operate. Ask anyone who knows me. I have a huge heart and would do anything for anyone no matter who they are or what they look like. I may he brazen at times but I love, I love with all of my heart. Who ever that was in 2013, wasn’t me, and isn’t who I am today. That man was lost and troubled. Today, I walk in a new light. A light I had to be dragged through lots of darkness to see.

        I am not running a republican platform, I am running an AMERICAN Platform. I am a conservative populist who believes we need a Congress person up in capital hill calling out these politicians on their bullshit, working to restore American values and principles set forth by our founding fathers of a Equality for ALL men. All while ensuring Americans are being put first, our tax dollars are being spent rightfully so for the American people.

        I am running for Congress because for the past three years I have advocated to combat the opioid epidemic and while my congressional body has engaged in partisan agendas, Bill’s presented before Congress with REAL resolution for the opioid epidemic have continued to get pushed back. For the past three years I have watched Delaware rise to No 2 from 6 in overdoses.
        For the past three years, I have watched partisan politics push aside bills to aide Americans in a wide array of areas.

        I have 13 years of health care, 12 years in addiction, 5 years in recovery, 2 years in prison, 16 years in business, and a life time in community activism. Not only am I qualified for this position through personal life experience. I am most certainly seasoned enough to provide transparency and first hand experience on many issues troubling our nation.

        Let me ask you this, if you have a problem with your electricity, would you call a plumber?

        So if America has a multitude of issues why would you continue to vote for career silver-spoon fed politicians and not a person who represents that change is possible and that EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE?

        Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it.


        • Mitch Crane

          Thank you for answering my questions. I respect that. I hope you do better than Scott Walker did.

        • Everyone deserves a second chance. That doesn’t mean they deserve to hold elective office.

          If I have a problem with my electricity, I don’t call a plumber. But I also don’t call an accountant.

  6. Hey Dumb Delaware Dem, you can’t even spell Lauren Witzke right? She will defeat Crooked Chris Coons.

    • The former Cartel Member isn’t going to beat Chris Coons a highly respectable man. She can never hold a clearence or be on any commitiee. Also there is still an active case against her

  7. So the takeaway from this post is that the Delaware GOP has gone from running people who would commit crimes in office to people who’ve already committed them.

  8. Mitch Crane

    Yesterday State Senator Bryant Richardson (R-Seaford) announced he is running for governor. Richardson is the senate version of Rep. Richard Collins- “Mr. No”. In 2017, he was the only Sussex legislator who voted against opening a Department of Insurance in Sussex County (there are offices in New Castle and Kent Counties). The office was needed because the DOI has hundreds of walk-ins, mostly people who felt they needed face-to-face meetings to file complaints against insurance companies. The overwhelming majority of these consumers are from Sussex County. A large percentage are from Richardson’s district and had to drive over an hour (or get a ride because there was no public transportation). Richardson did not state why he didn’t want to help his constituents. His platform is the typical right wing bull shit. It will be an interesting Republican Primary,

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