So I guess Chris Kenny is running for Governor

Late last month, Chris Kenny, a member of the Kenny family that owns six ShopRite super markets in New Castle County, and the current President and CEO of that business, the Kenny Family ShopRites of Delaware, and co-founder with Ben DuPont of the conservative pro-business PAC called “A Better Delaware,” launched a personal website and began promoting it through sponsored ads on Facebook. As you can see, it certainly looks like a professional political campaign website.

Of course, I could be wrong, and Kenny could simply be trying to promote his “brand” apart from his family business, or perhaps he is trying to grow his philanthropic footprint and I am just way too cynical. But this has all the markings of a political soft launch to grow name recognition ahead of a political run.

And the only office it makes for him to run for is Governor.

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5 comments on “So I guess Chris Kenny is running for Governor

  1. I ran this question by a DEM state party official back at the end of April and the best guess was a run for governor. Kenny and duPont are definitely cooking something up.

  2. Mitch Crane

    They already have a candidate for governor- Chris Shea. His website shows a picture of him with Iran-Contra’s Col Oliver North! One of his three planks is reforming the (National) health insurance structure. How is a governor going to do that?

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  4. Why does virtually every businessman who makes a buck think he’s so fucking special he has to tell everyone else how he did it?

    BTW, Kenney also purchased TownSquare Delaware.

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