The Campaign Report – Dems lead across the board in NC and CO

A new Civiqs poll in North Carolina finds Job Biden leading Donald Trump in the presidential race, 49% to 46%.

In the U.S. Senate race, Cal Cunningham (D) is ahead of Sen. Thom Tillis (R), 50% to 41%.

In the race for governor, Gov. Roy Cooper (D) is ahead of Dan Forest (R) in his reelection race, 53% to 44%.

In Colorado, a new and joint Montanta State and University of Denver poll finds Biden leading Trump by 18%! Biden 53%, Trump 35%. In the Senate race there, John Hickenlopper leads Senator Cory Gardner by 17 points, 48%-31%.

A new CNBC/Change Research survey “finds 68% of likely voters in the election battlegrounds of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin said they have ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ serious concerns about the coronavirus. The share of respondents with major worries about the pandemic dropped from 76% in mid-April.”

“A partisan split appeared to drive the shift. Only 39% of Republicans said they had at least somewhat serious concerns about the coronavirus disease, down from 55% last month. At the same time, 97% of Democrats said they had significant worries, nearly identical to the 98% share in mid-April.”

Jonathan Bernstein: “Trump’s net approval is -8.1 (that is, 43.2 approval minus 51.3 disapproval). The three recent presidents who were easily re-elected had solid positive net approval at this point: Richard Nixon at +17.7, Bill Clinton at +16.1 and Ronald Reagan at +15.3. The two most recent presidents both won somewhat narrowly; at this point, Barack Obama was at +1.7 and George W. Bush at -0.3. And then there were the two most recent losers. George H.W. Bush had fallen from a then-record approval down to -6.8. Jimmy Carter was only at -2.7, but that was probably just a quirk of the data, since he had recently been at -10 and would soon sink even further underwater.”

“Both Carter and the first Bush dipped lower by Election Day; the three easy winners all improved further. That suggests there’s still time for Trump to either rise to a level where he could win re-election — or to plunge low enough for former Vice President Joe Biden to win something around 400 electoral votes.”

“The truth is that if voters react to the current recession the way they typically do in an election year, Trump will lose, and lose badly.”

“A federal judge in New York ordered the state Democratic officials to reinstate a June 23 primary election, after former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang challenged the cancellation of the vote,” Bloomberg reports.

Joe Biden is testing a new way of campaigning amid the coronavirus crisis, kicking off “local” virtual events this week in an attempt to re-create traditional campaign stops, Axios reports.

President Trump told the New York Post that Washington, DC, won’t ever be a state because Republicans aren’t “stupid” enough to add guaranteed Democratic seats in Congress.

Said Trump: “DC will never be a state. You mean District of Columbia, a state? Why? So we can have two more Democratic — Democrat senators and five more congressmen? No thank you. That’ll never happen.”

Trump always says the quiet part loud.

The Democratic Party’s electorate is less enthusiastic about the 2020 election than their Republican counterparts, according to a HuffPost/YouGov survey.

“A relative lack of enthusiasm has been a persistent problem for Joe Biden, even as he continues to lead Donald Trump in the vast majority of national public polling.”

A new Monmouth poll finds President Trump’s job rating has ticked down again to 43% to 51% amid a sense he changes what he says about the coronavirus from day to day.

In fact, many Americans characterize some of the president’s treatment and prevention advice as harmful. When asked about the advice Trump has given about how to prevent and treat the coronavirus, 42% say it has been harmful, 33% say it has been helpful, and 23% say it is not particularly harmful or helpful.

Said pollster Patrick Murray: “The month to month shifts are well within the poll’s margin of error, but the overall trendline suggests that the public is growing less satisfied with Trump’s response to the pandemic.”

First Read: “It’s noteworthy that every single national Democrat who’s been asked about Tara Reade’s allegation has stood by Biden’s defense.”

Sen. Elizbeth Warren is the latest, according to the New York Post: “I saw reports of what Ms. Reade said, I saw the interview with Vice President Biden. I appreciate that the vice president took a lot of questions, tough questions, and he answered them directly and respectfully. The vice president’s answers were credible, and convincing. I support the vice president, I support his campaign, and I am proud to endorse him for president.”

“When Kelly Loeffler accepted an appointment to be a United States senator from Georgia, she left behind a high-paying job as a senior executive at the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. But on her way to Washington, her old employer gave her a lucrative parting gift,” the New York Times reports.

“Ms. Loeffler, who was appointed to the Senate in December and is now in a competitive race to hold her seat, appears to have received stock and other awards worth more than $9 million from the company, Intercontinental Exchange… That was on top of her 2019 salary and bonus of about $3.5 million.”

Rick Wilson gives the back story on the Lincoln Project’s “Mourning in America” ad.

“Watching him completely melt down—and Donald, we heard about your hissy-fit on Air Force One today; so did a lot of reporters in the back of the plane—was, I freely admit, very satisfying.”

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