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HB286 – Out of Network Insurance Coverage

Another bill that is waiting on the House floor once the General Assembly resumes that would seem to be an imperative given the COVID-19 pandemic is House Bill 286. This bill, primarily sponsored by Representative David Bentz, along with a large bipartisan contingent of co-sponsors, would require that inadvertent out-of-network services be included in individual and group health insurance policies as well as group and blank health insurance policies.

This bill defines inadvertent out-of-network services are those services that are covered under a policy or contract of health insurances, but are provided by an out-of-network provider in an in-network facility, or when in-network health care services are unavailable or not made available to the insured in the facility. Inadvertent out-of-network services also includes laboratory testing ordered by an in-network provider but performed by an out-of-network laboratory.

Given the pandemic, one cannot always seek treatment or testing from in network providers nor would the insured have the time or the safety to shop around.

WHERE IS THE BILL NOW? Out of Committee 1/29/20

DEMOCRATIC SPONSORS – Bentz, McBride, Poore, Townsend,  Brown, Dorsey Walker, Seigfried, Ennis, Hansen, Lockman,  Paradee, Sokola, Baumbach, Bush, Carson, Chukwuocha,  Heffernan, Jaques, K. Johnson, Kowalko, Osienski, K. Williams

REPUBLICAN SPONSORS – Smyk, Pettyjohn, Briggs King,  Spiegelman

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