Shut Up Dick

So Sussex Senator Bryant Richardson and Sussex Representative Dick Collins have introduced House Bill 330, which is a Trumpian Open Up Now so we all can die bill.

This bill purports to limit Governor John Carney’s authority to continue a state of emergency by requiring the General Assembly to adopt and set the time period for continuing the state of emergency. The bill states that if the Speaker of the House of Representatives and President Pro Tempore of the Senate agree that it is not reasonably possible for the General Assembly to conduct a meeting and the Governor determines that it is necessary to continue the state of emergency, then and only then may the Governor continue the state of emergency without approval of the General Assembly.

So if I understand correctly, this bill will essentially end the Governor’s power to declare and maintain a state of emergency in Delaware unless the General Assembly agrees and adopts a resolution setting the timetable for the state of emergency. But, if the leadership determines that it cannot meet to adopt such a resolution, then and only then can the Governor unilaterally declare and maintain a declaration of a state of emergency.

Which, correct me if I am wrong, is the exact situation we find ourselves in right now. So this bill does nothing in this crisis except symbolically limiting the Governor’s power. In another type of crisis, like a Hurricane or a tornado or what have you, this kind of bill would introduce partisan politics into a disaster. So this bill ranges from Trumpian impotence (or a lot of shouting signifying nothing) to Trumpian malfeasance, the response to which can only be “Shut up Dick!”

WHERE IS HB330 NOW? House Administration Committee as of 4/24/2020, where it will remain until the end of time.

DEMOCRATIC SPONSORS — None, and it better stay that way.

REPUBLICAN SPONSORS — Collins, Richardson

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