Why are Dem Campaign Funds being used to prop up vulnerable GOP candidates?

A source sent over pictures of what looks like campaign literature mailers that you would typically see in the weeks prior to an election. But no, these are COVID-19 Pandemic informational pieces that are jointly being sent out by Republican and Democratic Senators and Representatives and paid for through all their campaign funds.

Yes, yes, yes, this is all wonderfully bipartisan and look how nice it is that both parties came together during this trying time. Oh how very Delaware Way.

Does it trouble anyone that your campaign donations (if you have donated to Kim Williams, David Bentz, Ed Osienski, Larry Mitchell, Jack Walsh, and Gerry Brady) are going to support vulnerable Republicans like Anthony Delcollo and Mike Ramone in an election year? All these Democratic campaigns have just made in kind campaign contributions to support the reelections of Delcollo and Ramone. If you are troubled by that, demand refunds of your campaign donations from the Democratic candidates you donated to.

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4 comments on “Why are Dem Campaign Funds being used to prop up vulnerable GOP candidates?

  1. Jason330

    The idea that this is a Covid19 mailer is laughable. Look at all the pictures. Follow the money. It is clearly a campaign mailer.

    The only question is … when di Kim Williams became a GOP supporting shithead?

  2. Can we also admit incumbents hit the jackpot politically. No canvassing means less challengers and their chance to win from Coons down to local increases alot. Sad but true

    • Jason330


      It’s all Delaware Way as far as the eye can see. Once you get in the club you instantly have more uncommon with low life fuckers like Mike Ramone than you have in common with your actual constituents.

  3. Hazel Hall

    Delaware is the most obvious government correction place I have ever seen. The good ole boy network that discriminates people of color is so obvious it stinks. Government agencies staffed by uncles, brothers, sisters, nephews, grandchildren. You can’t trust any native of the State of Delaware. Dover and Sussex counties are scared to death of not having power, so they grin and act like they know what they are doing. You don’t hear anything about town hall meetings, or candidate showing their faces, or being transparent and saying what they really think. It’s evil.

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