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Where is the Goddamn General Assembly?

Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and Senate President Pro Tem Dave McBride better have spent the last few weeks working on plans to convene the General Assembly in the next few days so that we can pass HB175, the Vote by Mail bill, as well as other emergency funding measures to aid Delaware citizens and businesses during this pandemic.

If they do not currently have a plan in place to convene both chambers into session remotely by now, then they are horribly incompetent and must resign. Our General Assembly must get back to work for Delawareans to not only protect our right to vote safely, but also to protect our lives and livelihoods.

So where is the press release on these plans? The Silence is deafening right now and it makes me think that nothing at all is being done on these fronts.

3 comments on “Where is the Goddamn General Assembly?

  1. Love to see many of them resign, and yes there are more then a few incompetents, but HB175 could be a winner for Delaware. Would be nice, would it not?

  2. Joshua W

    DU had a livestream with Brian Townsend yesterday, and he mentioned that they’re working on figuring out how to meet remotely. He didn’t give a timeframe though,

  3. I am disgusted by this travesty of leadership. Every other governance body in the state has found a way forward and is meeting by now and getting their work done. Our legislature is a disgrace.

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