With Stay At Home order in place until May 15 and no vote by mail….

… the Delaware Presidential Primary is going to have to be moved to a later date, but according to the Governor’s spokesman, Jonathan Starkey, that’s not on the table.

According to the News Journal, “state officials are discussing possible changes to its election, according to Gov. John Carney’s spokesman, Jonathan Starkey. He did not offer details. “Delawareans have a basic, fundamental right to vote, and we’re working to make sure they can stay healthy and exercise that right,” Starkey said on Monday.”

Apparently Carney is seeking guidance from our federal delegation. The thought is a national vote by mail plan will be passed along with the stimulus package. But I am not sure our state government should rely on Republicans in Congress, or President Trump, agreeing to that. Better still, our General Assembly should reconvene remotely at once, pass the Vote by Mail bill immediately and hold the primary, as well as the statewide primary and general election, by mail.

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  1. cassandram

    The Vote by Mail plan that is part of the current relief bills is for the November election.

    Delawareans have a right to vote, but the Governor just told everyone it we should shelter in place until May. Mixed messages to say the least. Some folks are immunocompromised, or will need to cart their kids with them.

    I wish I understood why a State of Emergency doesn’t enable a loosening of the Absentee Balloting provisions.

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