Biden Wins Junior Tuesday and He is the Nominee

No more likely about it. No more hedging. This primary is over. I encourage you all to watch Joe Biden’s speech from last night. I think it was his best of the campaign. Joe Biden speaks much better when he is not shouting, and not speaking off the cuff. He comes across as a strong, stable and caring President who will bring both this party and this nation together.

Biden took a step towards that first end last night in thanking Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their passion and fight. The Democratic Party is a coalition of often very disparate groups. Liberals, Moderates, Leftists, Centrists, Progressives and even some Socialists. As Jason330 says, I love my taxonomy of the different stripes of ideology that make up what we call the Democratic Party and the Left. But as Joe Biden said last night, we all generally have the same goals.

Bernie Brothers, as Joe Biden puts it, want universal healthcare. So do Biden Bros. It’s just a matter of how to get there. We all want to fight climate change and transition to new renewable energy sources. It is just a matter of how we get there.

There is will be no gloating, no calls for Bernie to leave the race. He gets to make that decision. Hopefully he will come to the correct conclusion that he can do more to advance his causes working with Joe Biden as President than fighting him for a nomination he cannot win. As we move now into a critical period of mourning and healing and preparing to take on Trump, it’s really important that each of Biden and Supporters treat each other in ways that make future unity possible. We must now point our cannons towards Trump rather than at each other.

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23 comments on “Biden Wins Junior Tuesday and He is the Nominee

  1. Yeah, the Valkyrie is singing.

    Whatever everyone thinks of Sanders, he is a smart guy who knows the stakes. He has spent his career accepting incremental advancements while fighting for big change. I dont think he’ll drop out before Biden has the actual delegate number…. until then he will keep pushing for economic equality and hopefully pull Biden to the left the same way he pulled Clinton’s DNC.
    One thing all the pundits and everyone else seems to agree on now…… Bernie wasnt popular in the midwest… Clinton was just VERY unpopular. They werent votes for Democratic Socialism, they were votes against Goldman Sachs and dynastic political families…. and, let’s face it, a woman.
    Biden was close to my last choice, but i did my duty last time, im doin it this time. I was only never Bloomberg and Warren took care of that turd. I presume Warren wont endorse until Bernie leaves, lest she incur the non-existent wrath (it absolutely exists).

  2. cassandram

    So all of the people who insisted that this election was going to be powered by energy to replace Trump were right. Because that seems to be all of the energy in the election room right now. And it sure looks from here that the 2018 Blue Wave voters are coalescing around Biden as a safe choice to take Trump on. Biden gave a great speech last night and it is that Biden that people are voting for. Someone who will take the job and this country seriously.

  3. 2020 Election

    Biden simply will not win. We need a candidate with bold ideas. Everyone on this blog seems brainwashed that a man who has had public fumble after fumble is viable. I fear how he will perform against Trump on a debate stage.

    • a man with pubic admissions of rape won in 2016. He had no new ideas… just old racist shit packaged in a new racist wrapper.
      Grandpa Joe’s poor public speaking is positively charming next to Trump. It’s like everyone is all of a sudden afraid that trump will be a competent speaker.
      BTW, Hillary demolished trump on the debate stage and look how well that turned out.

    • cassandram

      Let me be the first to tell you how stupid this comment is. If the candidate with the bold ideas can’t win over Dem primary voters, that candidate certainly isn’t winning anyone else in the General.

    • Delaware Dem

      Yes, this Bernie theory that he will win a general election because he will attract young voters and non voters who do not usually vote for liberal, moderate or centrist nominees because he has bold progressive ideas has been thoroughly debunked in this primary election. If that theory were true, Bernie would be winning, or, at the very least, there would be evidence that younger voters or first time voters were turning out to vote for Bernie in the primary. The exit poll evidence and the election results prove that it’s just not happening. Mind you, there is a surge in turnout among voters in this election campaign, but it is coming from older and suburban voters, and they favor Joe Biden.

    • cassandram

      I would add, that there are solid portions of the Sanders agenda that can’t get anywhere unless the Senate is controlled by Dems. You could do your ambitions a real solid by getting engaged in flipping the Senate. It won’t deliver on everything but will get you farther than this Senate will.

  4. Stan Merriman

    Dem voters are saying they first want the chaos and rank stupidity over first and foremost. They appear to want a period of stabilization first in a new administration and order/reconstruction initiated in federal executive governance. This is very smart and realistic. Some reforms can happen in a Biden administration during this rebuilding/trust renewing process. But then, with a Dem Congress, we will have an atmosphere to address major initiatives important to future generations….Climate policy, big healthcare reforms and inflation/greed containment, big policies to correct economic inequality and assure a livable economy for all of us. No, we can’t have a perpetual Christmas for the young and restabilization all at once kids. But, we promise this is a course we’ll chart for you and all of us.

    • well THAT got insulting. holy fuk.
      You think YOU are gonna be a part of this? ok, boomer.
      if i was going to write a snarky comment from the perspective of a dim centrist who is the very reason “kids” (everyone under 40) dislike the Dem party so much, it would look almost exactly like that.
      What kind of a progressive gloats over slow-walking big change to piss off “the kids”.

  5. “We” promise? Who’s “we”?

    • stanley merriman

      We who have made the Dem party a life work. In my case as a pre- Boomer at 83, assholes

      • stanley merriman

        Oh and 83 pretty much anybody is a kid.

        • What are you rambling about?

          You call what the dem party has been doing “working” now i see the problem.

  6. stanley merriman

    When you’re a talker not a diet, you resort to assholery

    • John Kowalko

      Well I’m 74, (closer to 83 than 23 or 43 or 63) and a lifelong democrat who is a “DOER” and “talker”. I don’t pretend to know what all the “Dem” voters want but I do know what all the people NEED, and the status quo preserving moderates and centrists are not even trying to provide it. The Democratic Party is supposed to be the party of fairness, equality and idealism. It is not a party of political self-preservation and ideological dedication and blind fealty to Wall Street and corporate greed. If health care for all is beyond the reach of those who choose to represent us Democrats then make way for a candidate with “longer arms” and a stronger voice. If those who choose to represent Democrats, like me, think that young people and future generations should patiently and silently accept the raping of our planet, submissiveness to the greedy fossil fuel industry, condoning of the catastrophic greed of corporations, failure to mandate a decent livable wage and a callous/inhumane disregard for all living things because it would be easier to just repair the leaking hull rather than setting sail into the future then they should step aside and bask in their own fond memories of their past accomplishments. Let the “willing” lead, let the “willing” fight for all of us, let those who are unafraid try for Christ’s sake. If you prefer to sit in your rocking chair on the front porch with your grandchild on your knee reminiscing about the heroic “white knight” who cast out the evildoer and restored the “sanity” of the “good-old days” make sure you’ve taken your memory enhancing medication. Maybe a reality check on those “good old days” is in order.
      Representative John Kowalko

      • 3 ideas at a time, john. Three.

      • Stan Merriman

        While I agree with your critique of where we are as a nation and a party, I do not agree with your critique of my much more succinct post, arguing that the voting pattern in the primary so far suggests Dem voters want to stabilize first. I did not say that would take the entirety of the new Dem administration. Nor do I agree that I’m even now sitting in the rocking chair and frankly, find your reference there and suggestion about memory enhancing medication quite unrespectfully insulting. I need not cite my record of party reform and my successes at the local level. I’ll let my record of both leadership and results speak for themselves. On one thing we likely agree. Nothing ever sticks or remains done. The work of reform and justice requires repetition and exhausting do-overs. My experience tells me also that successful reform requires both positive persuasion, not insults and often, not a giant leap but, frustratingly, one step at a time to the finish line, handing the baton off to the next generation.

        • You are in no position to guarantee anybody anything. Get over yourself, old man.

  7. have your grondkids show you spellchick.
    You started this nice little convo with your condescending comment aimed at everyone who will still be here long after you shuffle of. if you cant take it, don’t start it, boomer. you’ve left “the kids” with VERY little to lose and your preening is not appreciated. you keep trying to take credit for the state of the world when i dont think it’s much to brag about. If your plan is more of the same, i read it as a threat of more failure.

    • Check the archive. He’s been at this since he arrived in Delaware. He’s a Texan, so he’s inclined to self-importance.

      He probably thinks Pete Schwartzkopf is the bee’s knees.

  8. If you were born in 1937, you are not a boomer. 1946 is the date you’re looking for.

  9. People resent being told what they need or that they are voting against their own self interests. Even if it is true, they will resent it. They also resent being told that there is a free lunch, or when people say trust me, or when they are told that a mammoth beaucracy is going to be efficient and effective.

    So they vote for what they know – the steady eddy. There is a brave new world out there, but it requires a leap of faith and quite simply they have no faith. Better the devil you know…

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