Fast Consolidation

And just like that, there were four: Bernie, Biden, Bloomberg and Warren.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar will suspend her presidential campaign and endorse Joe Biden at a rally in Texas later tonight, the Washington Post reports. Klobuchar is dropping out just before her home state, Minnesota, votes on Super Tuesday.

There are also reports that Pete Buttigieg will be endorsing Biden after dropping out last night. He may be traveling to Dallas this evening as well to endorse Biden on stage with Klobuchar, his nemesis. If Biden can bring Klobuchar and Buttigieg together…..

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18 comments on “Fast Consolidation

  1. cassandram

    Harry Reid came off the sidelines to endorse Biden today too. He always had encouraging things to say about Warren so imagine this is hitting her campaign today.

  2. I really like Warren and I have not understood at all why her campaign never took off. I do think Biden has a better chance of winning the general. If any Democrat wins the general I hope they put Warren in a cabinet position.

    • You know why.

    • anony anon

      Biden will definitely lose the general election. His campaign is virtually identical to Clinton’s 2016 campaign, minus the “vote in the first woman as President ever!” frills. If her campaign couldn’t win in 2016, why would anyone think her campaign can win now? Bernie’s victory in the general election isn’t assured… his campaign will have their work cut out for them, drawing comparisons between him and FDR, but at least it isn’t going to retread the exact same ground that was covered…. with disastrous results…. four years ago. I don’t really understand why mainstream Democrats keep insisting that progressive candidates can’t win, when they have a long history of trying to run centrists against Republicans and failing.

  3. This was really the “Time Kaine” moment.

    Biden will barely win the nomination and trump will win re-election…. by a lot. He’s doing worse against Trump than HRC was at this point and the shenanigans havent started. Im still gonna hold my nose and vote for him, but jfc…. you people are doing it again.

    I guess if there is anything left of america in 4 years, all the fucking centrists will finally be shut out of the process.

    Thank fuck he’s getting Manchin’s endorsement, i guess.

    • I’m not sure who ‘you people’ are. I’m for Warren, but I’m fine with everyone else – except Bloomberg and Gabbard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m voting for whoever wins. I just hope I don’t have to puke after I vote!

      The argument you’re making is an electability argument. But that argument cuts both ways. Both Biden and Sanders have groups that don’t want to vote for them. This is equally true. We need everyone. Both Biden and Sanders have big problems with the portion of the electorate that doesn’t support them. That’s the problem we need to address.

  4. Mitch Crane

    I agree with Pandora. Biden and Sanders both will have the turnout problem if nominated. Whoever loses has to enthusiastically support the other so that their disaffected followers don’t stay home, not vote for president, or vote 3rd party. All those things happened in 2016 and any one of them probably cost Hillary the election.

    Since the nominee is now likely to be a white man ( I would say Old white man, but I am that now too), the vice presidential running mate needs to be a woman of color who will excite that base and increase turnout. To me that person is Stacy Abrams. She will generate a better turnout of African-American women and put Georgia in play, as well as North Carolina back in play.

    The running mate should not be Elizabeth Warren, for the reasons just stated, or any other US Senator from a state with a Republican governor. If the Democrats should re-take control of the Senate, it will be by a whisker thin margin. A Republican governor appointing a replacement for a Democratic senator could put the Senate back into Republican hands, even if just until a special election.

    • Jason330

      I agree 100% with Pandora & Mitch. If the eventual winner (no matter who it is) runs a replay of 2016 and tells a large Democratic constituency to fuck off, Trump will be re-elected.

      • cassandram

        One of them is already telling a large Democratic constituency to fuck off. 2016 will be a replay only because the supporters of one candidate badly want that.

        But I agree with Pandora & Mitch. But I think one of them as the easier path (and better skill set) for constituency building.

        • Jason330

          We are all on the same page. Clinton told us to fuck off in a loud voice, but no need to re-litigate all that.

          Let’s not have a replay of 2016 – that’s the take away. Blue no matter who. Right?

          • cassandram

            Have fixed this for you:

            We are all on the same page. Clinton told us to fuck off in a loud voice, but no need to re-litigate all that. Bernie is telling others us us to fuck off in a loud voice and I need to work at stopping that.

            Let’s not have a replay of 2016 – that’s the take away. Blue no matter who. Right?

            • Jason330

              I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on who is telling a large democratic constituency to fuck off.

              And who knows? Maybe Biden (if he wins) can find the grace and common sense to reach out to liberals and avoid repeating Clinton’s aloof, elitist fiasco of a campaign? I sure as hell hope so. If I prayed, I’d pray for it.

              Anyway, I’m just glad that we are all in agreement on the important part. No replay of 2016. Blue no matter who.

              • cassandram

                So you’re not Blue No Matter Who then? You’ve conditioned your participation on “find the grace and common sense to reach out to liberals and avoid repeating Clinton’s aloof, elitist fiasco of a campaign”

                Which is bullshit. Blue No Matter Who doesn’t have a condition. Blue No Matter Who is about stopping the authoritarian government that is working on hurting as many people as possible. Type of campaign is not a consideration.

                • YEAH GET HIM! sure he already conceded but WE WANT BLOOD!

                  • cassandram

                    He conditionally conceded. And I’m not supposed to notice that. But I did. Because I’m not playing this game with different rules than you will play by.

  5. cassandram

    REALLY intrigued that Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Andrew Yang aren’t rushing to the endorsement train.

    • Saving their powder until the end is in sight. Endorsing the eventual loser does not enhance one’s resume.

      • cassandram

        Read someplace yesterday that Andrew Yang is thinking of running for Mayor in NYC

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