Buttigieg Drops Out

Pete Buttigieg will soon announce he is suspending his presidential campaign, his staff now hearing the news in campaign call, Politicoreports.

Washington Post: “The development marks an abrupt end to what was briefly an ascendant candidacy, as Buttigieg won the Iowa caucuses and came in second in New Hampshire. But despite attracting enormous attention, significant support and sometimes enthusiastic crowds, there was no clear path forward toward the nomination.”

“Buttigieg’s decision comes shortly before Super Tuesday, the biggest primary day of the year, at a time when the Democratic race shows signs of becoming a race between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden, with Biden occupying a centrist position that Buttigieg had hoped to make his own.”

His was a groundbreaking candidacy, as the first gay candidate to not only rank among the front runners in a presidential primary contest but also the first gay candidate to win a primary contest. He is only 37 years old, so we will hear his name again in electoral politics.

This development most likely helps Joe Biden consolidate support ahead of Super Tuesday.

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  1. cassandram

    Why Buttigieg Dropped Out From 538

  2. Now Klobuchar is out. Supposedly she is going to endorse Biden, which makes sense.

    • cassandram

      Have seen reports (not slam dunk credible) that Buttigieg is endorsing Biden today. Harry Reid endorsed Biden today.

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