What Now?! – February 23, 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is projected to win Nevada’s Democratic caucus handily on Saturday night, giving his campaign another boost after his win in New Hampshire and strong showing in the unsettled Iowa caucuses.

With about 50 percent of the vote in, Sanders emerged as the victor at 46.6 percent, while Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to come in second at 19.2 percent.

The next contest is the South Carolina primary on February 29th, and there is another debate sometime in the coming week. There are many twists and turns left in this race, but Bernie Sanders is the clear front runner, and if he emerges from Super Tuesday with a clear delegate lead, he will be the nominee as it is nearly impossible for the candidate in 2nd place to catch up, as Hillary found out in 2008 and as Bernie himself found out in 2016. We Democrats do proportional allocation and not winner take all when we distribute the delegates. So unless whomever is in second place beats Bernie in all remaining contests by 10 or more points, they ain’t catching up.

So, if you are like me, and you are not a Bernie fan, you need to reconcile yourself to that fact and get over your dislike of him. Because, as we have all said, vote blue no matter who. Plus, as I have highlighted below in posting an article from Matt Yglesias from Vox, Bernie as the nominee ain’t all bad. Indeed, in this Trump Era of politics, nobody knows anything. All old rules no longer apply. So maybe embracing socialism won’t destroy all Democrats. Remember, in 2016, Democrats thought the GOP had nominated their weakest possible candidate and they were wrong. Trump had tapped into something in the GOP that propelled him forward. The same may be true for Sanders.

Finally, I am going to quote Wajahat Ali, a NY Times Columnist and CNN Contributor: “Hardcore Bernie fans, you need Democratic voters to win the [general] election. Dems losing their minds and souls over Bernie, he might be the nominee and you must support him to beat Trump. Mocking and alienating each other helps Republicans. Please don’t be self destructive.”

So non-Bernie Dems, relax and stop freaking the fuck out. BernieStans, it’s time to dial it back on the attacks on non Bernie Dems, no matter if they are part of the dreaded Establishment or not.

“A federal judge on Friday dismissed a racketeering lawsuit brought by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) against the political research firm that enlisted a former British spy to look into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign,” the AP reports.

“Nunes, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a vocal ally of Trump, had accused Fusion GPS in a lawsuit last year of harassing him and trying to impede his panel’s investigation into Russian election interference.”

Retired Navy Admiral William McRaven — U.S. special forces commander from 2011 to 2014, including the 2011 SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden — writes in the Washington Post:

“As Americans, we should be frightened — deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security — then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil.”

“President Trump will raise money in South Carolina before his North Charleston rally next week — for himself, the Republican Party and the campaign of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham,” the Columbia State reports.

“The event will mark the first time that Trump has held a Palmetto State fundraiser designed in part to benefit Graham, who is expected to win reelection later this year but is still in a competitive race against a well-funded, establishment-backed Democratic challenger.”

“The Trump administration is bracing for a possible coronavirus outbreak in the United States that could sicken thousands — straining the government’s public health response and threatening an economic slowdown in the heat of President Trump’s reelection campaign,” Politico reports.

“That stark realization has taken hold in high-level White House meetings, during which some administration officials have voiced concerns the coronavirus is already spreading undetected within U.S. borders.”

“Nevada is a notoriously tough place for presidential candidates to attract volunteers. But Bernie Sanders has somehow amassed an army,” Politicoreports.

“Thousands of the Vermont senator’s volunteers in the state have knocked on 500,000 doors, two-thirds of which took place in February, according to his campaign. Those mega-fans helped propel his strong grassroots performances in Iowa and New Hampshire — and are now poised to help him turn out the vote and cinch a victory in Nevada.”

“Bernie Sanders is sharpening his focus on the Texas primary with early voting underway, planning four rallies in the state this weekend and naming more staff here,” the Texas Tribune reports.

“Sanders has scheduled rallies Saturday in El Paso and San Antonio and Sunday in Houston and Austin. The Saturday rallies come the same day that Nevada holds its caucus, in which Sanders is expected to do well.”

“When President Trump’s national security adviser, Robert C. O’Brien, convenes meetings with top National Security Council officials at the White House, he sometimes opens by distributing printouts of Mr. Trump’s latest tweets on the subject at hand,” the New York Timesreports.

“The gesture amounts to an implicit challenge for those present. Their job is to find ways of justifying, enacting or explaining Mr. Trump’s policy, not to advise the president on what it should be.”

“That is the reverse of what the National Security Council was created to do at the Cold War’s dawn — to inform and advise the president on national security decisions. But under Mr. O’Brien, the White House’s hostage negotiator when Mr. Trump chose him to succeed John Bolton in September, that dynamic has often been turned on its head.”

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien told CBS News he disputed reports of what was presented during a House Intelligence Committee that Russian are interfering to help President Trump in the presidential election.

Said O’Brien: “I haven’t seen any intelligence to support the reports that were leaked out of the House. But it’s just hard to comment on that because, again, I wasn’t there. And these are leaks that were coming from a House Intel Committee hearing. I haven’t seen any intelligence that would back up what I’m reading in the papers.” 

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told MSNBC that the filibuster in the Senate will be gone soon.

Said Reid: “I’ve said and I believe this, with what the Republicans have done and my friend Mitch McConnell with the Senate, it’s not a question anymore if the filibuster is going to be gone, it’s when it’s going to be gone. You cannot have a democracy and take 60 votes on everything, and that’s not the end of the world. We have bicameral election, we have six year terms so having the House like the senate isn’t going to be all that bad.”

President Trump has told his staff that he will look to block the release of John Bolton’s upcoming book over claims that their discussions were classified, adding that his former national security adviser is a “traitor,” the Washington Post reports.

Trump has specifically insisted to aides that Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened, shouldn’t be published before the November election.

Twitter announced that it is suspending 70 accounts that posted content supporting Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, saying the messages violated its company rules, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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22 comments on “What Now?! – February 23, 2020

  1. Time to get on board!! Bernie is building a coalition across age , gender and racial lines. You might not like all of his policies but he has the excitement and the momentum. We tried the safe candidate the last time and look what happened……

    • Jesus. Sub out “across age gender and racial lines” for “REAL AMERICANS” and it’s identical to trumps pitch in 2016.
      But he won

  2. RE Vanella

    I will consider dialing back my attacks. Just so I’m clear ‘attacks’ are ridiculing & mocking you in internet comments, right? I don’t believe I’ve done any other “attacks.”

    So, I will. Just remember, when it’s time to actually fight in the general, you’re going to appreciate us a lot more than you suspect you will.

    The spirit of FDR is back. But this time everyone’s included. Power to the people.

    • I agree, Bernie captures the spirit of The New Deal and FDR, even better the average American likes what they hear and are not afraid. Sure, corporate Dems like Coons, Carper and far too many others are wetting themselves on a daily basis, but who cares? They are also a part of the problem. I say nothing ventured nothing gained and death to “Incremental Change”, let’s go for it. For once!

    • Delaware Dem

      Yes, attacks mean mocking the voters you will need to win the general election: Democrats whose first choice is not Bernie. We will all come together in the end if our nominee and his supporters treat everyone in this coalition with respect and common purpose. However, if you, Bernie, and his supporters spend all your time attacking Democrats and the Democratic establishment between now and the general election, then do not be surprised if a lot of Democrats don’t show up to vote Bernie in the general. So my advice is given for the benefit of both Bernie and Democrats who don’t right now support him. It will make coming together all the more easier if we all dial back the animosity. This goes to the Chris Matthews and James Carvilles and Joe Lockharts of the world too. They need to shut the fuck up and take their cues from the voters. It is not 1992 anymore. If Bernie is the nominee, then I want to want him to win, rather than holding my nose or considering not voting at all. I suspect we will all appreciate each other when it is time to fight together.

      • RE Vanella

        I remember when people were told to just shut up and vote for Hillary. But I guess you need special handling.

        (Whoops. I did it again.)

        That’s the last one. I’m sorry you’re feelings are hurt.

        Bernie 2020

  3. Well, here’s how it’s going to go down.

    Biden wins SC, Bernie takes a fairly close 2nd.

    Following this Buttigieg and Klobby drop out. Their support goes primarily to Biden. Warren also drops out but pointedly does not endorse Bernie. A few of her supporters go to Bernie, a few to Biden.

    Bloomberg flops another debate but not as badly as he did in Nevada.

    On Super Tuesday Dems heartily reject Bloomberg, give Biden and Bernie about the same level of support.

    Bloomberg then drops out, it’s a two horse race Biden/Bernie. Bernie leads going into the convention but it’s far from locked up.

    Obama now endorses Biden. This brings most of the Warren support and a few of the more intelligent Bernie suppporters (not REV).

    Warren gets the VP nod from Joe and that’s enough to bring the bulk of her supporters on board.

    Bernie supporters flip out but it doesn’t matter. Nobody really likes them anyway.

    Only question at this point is does Bloomie run 3rd party? Luckily for Dems he’s too smart for that and throws his support (primarily big $$$) behind Dems. Dems heartily denounce money in politics with one hand and scoop up Bloomie cash with the other.

    Close races all the way around but Trump hangs on in Wisconsin and flips Minnesota. Loses PA but hangs on for the win. Reps hold the Senate, Dems hold the House.

    Only question now is do Breyer and Ginsberg survive long enough to outlast the 2nd Trump term.

    Sorry REV.

    • Delaware Dem

      No way. If Bernie is the delegate leader he gets the nomination. No way Obama endorses someone to split the party.

      • He will when the Dems are staring at losing 40+ states and the House majority.

        At least the Biden/Warren ticket hangs on to the House majority and gives an outside chance at beating Trump if the Bernie crybabies don’t defect en masse.

        • You’re always interested in predicting the future. I see this a lot from fans in the comments sections of sports stories.

          This constitutes quite the fantasy life. What, exactly, do you get if you’re right? And what do you suffer if you’re wrong? At least sports fans can put their money where their mouth is.

          The only people who care about bragging rights are, y’know, braggarts.

  4. I didn’t realize the site was now publishing fiction.

  5. Newark Dem

    So I took the time to review Senator Sanders campaign website last night to see his position on the issues that matter to me. Here is what I found:

    – Nothing on more affordable childcare.
    – Nothing on expanding quality public options for early childhood education.
    – Nothing on paid parental or family leave.
    – Nothing on supporting caregivers for elderly family members except if you interpret it as a part of this section: “Guaranteeing health care, including mental health care and home- and community-based services and supports without waitlists, asset or income restrictions, as a human right to everyone in America.”

    I also looked at the calculator to see how his plan would affect my family. We will actually have to pay more under his plan than we do now for our existing healthcare and taxes.

    It gets under my skin that someone who wants to be the Democratic Party nominee refuses to be a registered Democrat. But what bothers me more is that I’m expected to support a person who clearly does not feel the need to publicly prioritize issues I care about when 94% of states (including ours) haven’t voted yet.

    • Well this didnt age well, did it Mr Biden.

      Look. if you’re gonna lie, at least do some googling first to make sure THE FIRST RESULT doesnt prove you wrong.

      No one… not even the currently registered democract himself… has said your taxes wont be affected. i know my taxes will go up… under Bernie’s plan AND under my first choice (Warren) candidate’s plan. but the other costed will go down.

      • Newark Dem

        Being called a liar really changes my mind. Thanks for that. Some of us look to the candidates to provide information on their positions in an effort to avoid misleading information from other sources.

        Since my original post, I did read this article published this morning (, which at least addresses two of my concerns. I don’t necessarily think that it is possible to be done on the scale that is being portrayed with the makeup of Congress, but even incremental change on these issues is helpful.

        I am aware of the argument that even though my taxes will go up, my other costs will go down. However, as someone who’s monthly healthcare and student loan costs are less than half the monthly cost to put one kid in a high quality early education program, that does not help my family’s budget enough to offset the increased taxes.

        I don’t mind paying higher taxes. I just want to make sure families like mine can still afford to pay their bills with them.

        And, not that it matters to you, but I’m actually a Warren supporter.

        • You werent lying. you were under informed and poorly timed. sorry.

          Warren and Sanders both want to help get rid of your student loans. That cost also drops.

          Just between us chickens, neither one of them has a prayer of enacting any piece of their agenda with any republicans of Coonsian dems holding any sort of power. Warren’s promises are as empty as Sanders’ in that regard.

          In the comming weeks, ask yourself why you are a Warren fan. Personalities and fan bases aside, she and Bernard are about 90% identical. It’s why if she cant have a blowout of a super tuesday, I’ll likely be shifting allegiances. I hope to vote for her in the De primary, but id rather her ideas advance… btw have you been able to sign the petition to get her on the ballot?

          I couldn’t give less of a crap about “not him us” or the not-a-cult of personality around Bernie. If he brings my generation to the polls, America wins. If he empowers more young progressives to run for office and carry the tourch once he does what all humans eventually do, all the better.

        • So basically, this is all a straight-up financial decision for you.

          Just to put that in perspective, if I went by my straight-up financial situation I’d be a Trump supporter.

          Shorter version: Your selfishness isn’t my problem.

          • Newark Dem

            If it was a “straight-up financial decision” for me, I would also be a Trump supporter. I don’t know why it is so wrong to still be vetting primary candidates when only three states have had their primaries/caucuses.

            I have disagreements with Senator Sanders on both policy and delivery. I never said I would not vote for him if he is the nominee. I am just so sick of everybody who wanted the process to play out in 2016 getting all upset when people who support candidates other than Sanders don’t want to just step aside and crown him the victor just yet.

            Quite frankly, if it weren’t for his supporters constantly name calling and attacking everyone who has a different view in what is supposed to be a big tent party, I might not be so tired of being yelled at by old, white men about what they think is best for everyone all the time. I’m ready for some different voices at the table.

            • Why would you support Trump if you’re looking for financial relief in areas the GOP doesn’t support governmental intrusion?

              I actually prefer Warren, but I can live with Bernie better than with any of the remaining centrists. If I had to pick one of those I’d go with Klobuchar.


    Oh dear.

    Looks Bernie won’t be anybody’s problem for long.

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