Upcoming Voter Registration Deadlines: Act Now!

So you want to vote in the Presidential Primary on April 28? Well, you better be a member of the party whose primary you wish to vote in. So right now, if you are unaffiliated or an dreaded Republican or Independent, and you want to vote in the Democratic primary, you have to change your political party registration by February 28. That’s next Friday. One week and one day from now.

If you are not registered to vote at all at the moment, then you have until April 4 to register to vote in the presidential primary.

Personally, I think the law should be changed to allow people to switch parties up until April 4. I am not a fan of open primaries, but I also think it should be easier and fairer to change your party registration. Having the deadline closer to the election is easier and fairer.

If you want to vote by absentee, then you have to submit your absentee ballot by the same day of the election, April 28. You can submit by mail or in person to the County Elections office. The deadline to request an absentee ballot in the mail from the Department of Elections is April 24. You can still pick up an absentee ballot at the County election offices until April 27 by noon.

The party primaries for state and local offices is on September 15. If you are a registered voter and a member of a political party and wish to change that and vote in a different party’s primary on September 15, then you must change your party affiliation by May 29.

If you are not registered to vote but wish to vote in the September 15 primary, you must register by August 22.

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  1. cassandram

    Adding that you can do this online — go to to confirm your registration or to change your party affiliation or to update your info or to register for the first time. It’s a cool link — put in some basic info about yourself and it will show you the data the DOE has for you, give you an option to request an absentee ballot (AND check to see if you’ve got one on order), and shows you the elections you have voted in.

    Send this link to everyone you know so they can confirm this info or register.

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