Daily Delawhere – February 18, 2020

Hagley Museum Library. Photo by Mark Tisde Jr.

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  1. No. This is Eleutherian Mills, the first duPont family home built in the U.S. It is on the grounds of the Hagley Museum.

  2. James Center

    Reposted from Delaware
    I just heard about a speech that FDR was about to give to the 1940 Democratic National Convention in which he decried the Southern Democrats(later the republiCON party) for turning towards the money influencers of their time. It wasn’t ever given because the future “R’s” decided not to follow their instincts at that point in time.
    “In the century in which we live, the Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity, has been the champion of progressive and liberal policies and principles of government.
    The party has failed consistently when through political trading and chicanery it has fallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values.
    It is best not to straddle ideals.
    It is best for America to have the fight out here and now.
    I wish to give the Democratic Party the opportunity to make its historic decision clearly and without equivocation. The party must go wholly one way or wholly the other. It cannot face in both directions at the same time.”
    This is the message we need to send to Coons and Carper!
    I’m voting with Jess…

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