Let’s get one thing straight

For as long as Trump is alive, no Republican, including you Jane Brady, gets to criticize anyone over a tweet. Ever.

As Senator Bryan Townsend himself has said, criticizing hate speech is not same thing as hate speech itself. But the Republican plan is to muddy the waters so that racists and racism escapes condemnation. So they react with the same amount of outrage in defense of a racist that normal humans react with when confronted with actual racism, so that everyone is exhausted from outrage and throw their hands up in the air.

Make no mistake, Jane Brady is doing this to defend racists and racism.

So Senator Townsend, stay tall and tell Mrs. Brady to go where Mr. Limbaugh himself will eventually end up.

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3 comments on “Let’s get one thing straight

  1. In my opinion, defending capital punishment is a whole lot more racist than any tweet could be and Rush and Jane Brady both defend it.

    • RE Vanella

      Mary-Lee – This is more than opinion. It’s absolute fact. Totally agree. This is all disingenuous gibber gabber.

  2. cassandram

    Chairwoman Brady’s defense of Limbaugh seems ill-considered when the receipts are everywhere of this man’s racism and hatred of anyone not like him.

    Astounding that she would want to own all of this in public. Then again, given the state of the GOP, who could be surprised?

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