The Campaign Report – January 23, 2020

A new Monmouth poll finds Joe Biden leading the Democratic presidential race nationally with 30%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 23%, Elizabeth Warren at 14%, Mike Bloomberg at 9%, Pete Buttigieg at 6%, Amy Klobuchar at 5% and Andrew Yang at 3%. None of the other five candidates running tops 1%.

Said pollster Patrick Murray: “With the exception of Bloomberg’s entry, this race looks pretty much like it did six months ago. But that stability masks the potential for sizable swings once the first contests are held. Iowa and New Hampshire will play a major role in shaping national voter preferences.”

But another poll shows Sanders in the lead. A new CNN poll finds Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic presidential race nationally with 27%, followed by Joe Biden at 24%, Elizabeth Warren at 14% and Pete Buttigieg at 11%. They are followed by Michael Bloomberg at 5%, Amy Klobuchar at 4% and Andrew Yang at 4%.

A new SurveyUSA national poll finds every leading Democrat beating President Trump in a head-to-head general election match up:

  • Bernie Sanders leads Trump, 52% to 43%
  • Joe Biden leads Trump, 50% to 43%
  • Mike Bloomberg leads Trump, 49% to 42%
  • Elizabeth Warren leads Trump, 48% to 45%
  • Pete Buttigieg leads Trump, 47% to 44%

“Beau should be the one running for president, not me. Every morning I get up, not a joke, I think to myself: Is he proud of me?” — Joe Biden, in an interview on Morning Joe.

To my more leftist friends out there, this video explains why Biden remains popular among many Democratic voters, and why many shrug off any attack on him.

A new Pew Research survey found that 51% say the outcome of the Senate trial should be President Trump’s removal from office, while 46% say the result should lead to Trump remaining in office.

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Iowa finds Se. Joni Ernst (R) holds only a 47% to 41% lead over likely Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield. Ernst also has a 45% favorable and 43% unfavorable rating from Iowa voters.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) sued former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for allegedly defaming her by suggesting the Hawaii congresswoman is a “Russian asset,” CNBC reports.

LOL. Tulsi needs some attention. Hillary should countersue all the horrible things Tulsi has said about her. Oh yes, Tulsi needs to prove that it is not true that Russian bots are supporting her (and there is proof of that) and that Hillary made the statement with malicious intent, since both are public figures. In other words, Tulsi’s lawsuit has a snowball’s chance in Hell.

Back to Hillary for a second, she tweeted that she would back whichever candidate is chosen to be the Democratic presidential nominee after her criticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders in a forthcoming documentary.

Said Clinton: “I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views!” She continued: “But to be serious, the number one priority for our country and world is retiring Trump, and, as I always have, I will do whatever I can to support our nominee.”

“Pete Buttigieg elicited a moment of awkward silence during a campaign event in Iowa that’s sparking comparisons to another viral moment during the 2016 election cycle,” the New York Post reports.

Said Buttigieg: “By having better hands guided by better values on those pulleys and levers of American government. So I’m going to look to you to spread that sense of hope to those that you know.”

The candidate took a brief pause, which was met with complete silence by attendees.

“Come on!” Buttigieg exclaimed and awkwardly chuckled, to which the crowd applauded.

Politico: “Privately, Sanders’ aides and allies feel that Clinton is trying to bait them… Sanders’ campaign told staffers internally to not discuss Clinton’s comments.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, Michael Bloomberg has spent $180 million on campaign ads and Tom Steyer has spent $120 million. The amount spent by all other Democrats combined is just $43 million.

A new American University poll finds 39% of Democratic likely women voters said they’d be more involved in this year’s political issues or campaigns. That compares with just 23% of Republican women. “That’s a warning sign for the GOP, which has been losing female voters to the Democratic Party at significant rates over the last few cycles.”

A new The Skimm poll finds millennial women would vote for the Democratic candidate over the Republican candidate by a 2-1 margin.

A new Garin-Hart-Yang (D) poll in Maine finds 53% of voters think President Trump is guilty of abusing the power of his office for his personal benefit by withholding military aid to Ukraine.

Among independent voters — a key group for Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who is up for re-election — 57% said Trump is guilty of abusing the power of his office.

The DNC will begin to pour millions of dollars into six battleground states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona — in preparation for a general election fight against President Trump, CNN reports.

“Trump won all of the states on the DNC’s list, meaning the committee will not, for the time being, deploy money to potentially competitive blue states like New Hampshire, Minnesota and Nevada as part of the program. The list also doesn’t include Ohio and Iowa, two states that supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and then backed Trump in 2016.”

CBS News: “Just three weeks before the nation’s first primary, Sen. Elizabeth Warren picked up two key endorsements in New Hampshire. Kathy Sullivan, a titan of New Hampshire politics and former chair of the state’s Democratic Party, backed Warren for president, just hours after two-term New Hampshire state Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh announced his support.”

A new Morning Consult poll finds Michael Bloomberg rising to 10% nationally in the Democratic presidential race, leading Pete Buttigieg by 2 points and trailing Sen. Elizabeth Warren by 5 points.

Although he was not on the January debate stage, his net favorability has risen to +31, an increase of 8 points, following the debate last week.

“A handful of House Democrats who helped recapture the majority in 2018 are uniting to fundraise for a slate of candidates running to capture Republican-leaning House districts in November,” the Washington Postreports.

“The Second Service Coalition is the brainchild of New Politics, an organization dedicated to recruiting candidates with military and national security backgrounds, will announce on Wednesday that it is endorsing seven House candidates around the country.”

“The group’s class of candidates this time around is part of the broader push to grow the community of former military veterans and intelligence officers serving in Congress — making them an increasingly robust force in electoral politics.”

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25 comments on “The Campaign Report – January 23, 2020

  1. Said Clinton: “I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views!” She continued: “But to be serious, the number one priority for our country and world is retiring Trump, and, as I always have, I will do whatever I can to support our nominee.”…… unless it’s that guy no one likes. 😉

    I am REALLY pulling for Warren to rebound in the next few days. My same instincts that told me Sanders was a lost cause in 2016 are tingeing now for her though. I think she will be MUCH more convincing in her support of the eventual nominee than Bernie was. Though, before that one person is chosen, I dont see her backing Biden…or bloomberg, or any of the centrists. She warned Clinton and the DNC establishment not to screw it up last time. They should have listened to her. Whether Bernie enthusiastically endorses Warren, or it is the other way around, the progressive wing of the party is the clear majority and should unite as soon as it become apparent who is the top choice.

  2. RE Vanella

    Sanders leads Trump by the greatest margin in national general election polling. Sanders is opening up greater leads in IA, NH, NV and CA and Bernie will win again in WI, MN and MI primaries just like 2016.

    Writng is on the wall. Now’s a good time to hop onboard for the big win. We’ll accept you with open arms.

    • I remain unconvinced about Sanders’ ability to maintain once the right wing lie machine finally REALLY focuses on him. You know 100% the GOP will find a way to use antisemitism in the extreme AND call Sanders a “not real Jew” (culturally Jewish, a socialist Jew).
      Most Americans dont know enough about Judaism or our long history with socialist leanings to make the call themselves so will deffer to our media …. who will also pretend not to understand. should he fail to win, the residual antisemitism stoked by trump and the magats will create a VERY dangerous situation for Jews… esspecially politically liberal Jews… in this country unseen in almost 100 years. It’s making a bet with our future safety…. one that im about only 50% sure will work at this point.

      I think either ANY of the current top 4 should be able to beat trump or none of them will.

      • RE Vanella

        Haha. The old “wait till they really vet him” trope.

        As Bernard said to Tom Steyer, “Yeah, good. OK.”

        • Ben didn’t mention a thing about vetting.

          • RE Vanella

            What did he mean by “the right wing lie machine REALLY start to focus on him”?

            Oppo, vetting, smears (like Warren tried)… Call it whatever you want. The writing is on the wall. It’s hilarious.

        • Not vetting. lies. outright lies and mischaracterization (im thinking his yet-to-be disavowed or seriously discussed essay about sex fantasies).
          but on the topic of outright lies…. How many dim leftists let “her emails” be the reason the went jill stein or not vote? It worked before it’ll work again. Sanders supporters need to get way fucking better at countering that shit than “lol ok herga berga”. You’re tossing that weak shit at me and im 99% of the way to be a supporter…. if you want allies, Rev (he deadpanned), you gotta be nicer……..

          • RE Vanella

            We’re not scared. Only makes us stronger.

            The Warren gambit lead to het plummet. Bernie holds clear leads in IA, NH, NV, CA, MI, WI & MN.

            You absolutely love to see it.

          • I agree, Ben. They need to up their game and get way better. I think every single one of our candidates can lose. Our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. I will support whoever wins the nomination. There’s far too much on the line not to.

            • RE Vanella

              The old “I’ll just vote for whomever” politics is very inspirational. Worked super last time. Lol.

              • You are really obnoxious. And it would have worked last time if we didn’t have to contend with temper tantrums, Jill Stein voters, people (most who had no skin in the game) constantly tearing down our candidate and, most importantly, voter suppression. It was a perfect storm, and you can blame others but you contributed to it, as well.

                And I worry, if Bernie doesn’t win, we’ll go through all that crap again – cause you guys love reliving 2016. Hope I’m wrong.

                • RE Vanella

                  You haven’t learned your lesson. Very sad. Still on the Jill Stein thing. Ok. Maybe you can ask Cassandra to find a graph to support this. I’m sure she has one on hand.

                  Fact is these folks weren’t ever going to vote for Clinton. Same with working class folks who stayed home in Philadelphia, Milwaukee & Detroit.

                  You can blame the electorate and say I’m mean. I frankly couldn’t care less. We’re in the political fight of my lifetime and you want people to be nice and vote for whomever. I don’t know how you got the idea it works like this.

                  • You do realize the “I’ll never vote for X” applies to every candidate. There is no exception to this.

                    • RE Vanella

                      I’m missing your point here. What do mean?

                    • RE Vanella

                      Do you mean the never Hillary voter won’t vote for Warren or Bernie either?

                    • “Do you mean the never Hillary voter won’t vote for Warren or Bernie either?

                      No. I mean there are Never Biden, Never Warren, Never Pete, and, yes, even Never Bernie people. Every candidate has these groups.

                • If bernie doesnt win the nomination, you’ll have more pissed off gamers bitching about how it was all rigged against them. You can really see the cut of these fuckers jib in how they reacted to Rep Pressley not supporting their dear leader. Nevermind the other women in the Squad being cool with it…. those broads dont matter, amiright Rev? I fully expect them to make the case that if Bernie isnt the nominee, its better to re-elect trump, because that will give us a better 2022 mid term position and make sure a *real progressive wins in 2024.
                  …. and all this is coming from someone who voted Bernie in 2016 primaries and has him as … more than a second choice.. by the time we get to delaware, im preparing to cast my vote for whoever the strongest progressive is. That’s how fucking annoying and off-putting the bernie bros are. you, Rev, have nothing to fear from 4 more years of trump. your opinions on this are meaningless.

    • cassandram

  3. cassandram

    That Morning Consult poll that shows Bloomberg movement also shows:

    “Sanders’ net approval fell 6 points since the Jan. 14 presidential debate, with 73% viewing him favorably and 20% viewing him unfavorably.”

    Which looks a lot like unlikeablity from here.

    • RE Vanella

      Lol. You found a graph.

    • do you think that dip could be explained by the spat w Warren? It didnt look good for either of them, not helped by their respective unaffiliated twitter armies…. but it was a boon to the corporate media, wall street, trump, biden, and PETE.

  4. RE Vanella

    What Bernie is doing is working. I know you’re sad. Learn your lesson. It’ll be fine.

  5. RE Vanella

    This trope that Bernie is especially susceptible to lies and smears us funny. Everyone gets it but he’s actually best placed to brush it off since he

    Has never been a Republican who voted for Reagan
    Has never proposed cuts to entitlements
    Has never worked for McKinsey


    He welcomes their hatred. Because it won’t work.

  6. RE Vanella

    And just for the record, I don’t now if I’m right. But I do know you’re wrong because we already did it your way. Bad outcome.

    • dude, maybe cut back on the Adderal. You just havent been the same since KEH lost that primary…. shit, even SHR got over it and has moved on to bigger and better…. you’re still playing Troll to the same 4 people…’re really not helping your cause by being such an annoying skin tag.

      ftr, you’re the only one … other than Hillary…. who cant to trusted to commit to supporting the eventual nominee. what does THAT say?

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