Morrison outraises Jaques in 2019

According to financial reports filed by challenger Eric Morrison and incumbent State Representative Earl Jaques in the 27th RD primary, Morris has outraised Jaques by 172% or by $21,016. Morrison raised $33,166, while Jaques reports raising $12,150. Jaques, based on a previous balance, has $24,665.22 cash on hand and no loans outstanding. Morrison has $38,118.83 cash on hand, but that also includes a $20,000 personal loan from himself. Minus that loan, Morrison has $18,118.83 cash on hand.

With respect to the number of donations, the Morrison campaign had 481 contributions from 297 unique donors while Jaques had 15 contributions from 14 donors. I think that that reveals that Jaques has not geared up his fundraising apparatus yet.

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5 comments on “Morrison outraises Jaques in 2019

  1. This shows that Bernie will win. Everyone should start getting used to that reality now.

  2. Eh this is just a regurgitation of a Morrison email. Money is important but in these small races as long as you have enough to compete you are fine. I’m not so sure money matters in non statewide races.

  3. Maybe. I will not name names, but 297 unique donors vs 14 unique donors speaks to one person’s hustle as well as one person’s lack of hustle.

    Also I am reminded of 2016 when Clinton had no visible yard signs while Trump had many. People said, “yard signs don’t vote” and that’s true – but there was a big enthusiasm gap then, and these numbers…. I don’t know. Not looking good for Jaques.

  4. The thing is what are you doing with it in a small RD. Flooding people with mailers that no one reads. Its all going to be who has the best ground game mixed with local ties and pull operation. Money like I said matters, but rather a campaign focus more on field then raising money you are going to piss away on useless mailings. Only my humble opinion.

    Statewide and maybe county wide is very different of course.

    • You have a point.
      # of unique donors who are residents of the district would give you a look at that.

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