Republicans’ Adventures on Facebook Continue…

Mitch Denham, the Republican Chairman of the 36th RD Committee down in Sussex County, made the following comment on the Facebook Livestream of Senator Stephanie Hansen’s Gun Violence Forum last week.

Republicans. They’re all heart and empathy, aren’t they?

Surely, this is not anywhere near as bad of a comment as Chris Rowe’s anti-gay slurs or Nelly Jordan’s anti-semitism. But it is revealing of the Republican mindset. Mr. Denham thinks that if you commit suicide, it is your fault because you can’t handle adversity, rather than, let’s say, bullies who are tormenting a person for whatever reason. If a person kills him or herself with a gun, we are to not blame the easy access to guns, nor the bully taunting the person to the edge, but we are to blame the victim, because he or she was not tough enough.

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4 comments on “Republicans’ Adventures on Facebook Continue…

  1. Or undiagnosed or untreated mental illness. Of course, if you have a mental illness and people in your life that says stuff like “You need to deal with adversity in your life! Too many participation trophies!” you might think that suicide is a solution. Thanks for your contribution to the youth suicide rate Mr. Denham!

    • cassandram

      But also undermines their objection to gun control vs. mental health care. They find all kinds of empathy for a mass shooter when they can push forward a mental health problem diagnosis.

  2. Now that their party is led by a shitbag, everyone else has to up his shitbag game. Fortunately for them, it just comes naturally.

  3. It’s worth noting that Bill Hinds is the Libertarian candidate that got trounced by Earl Jaques by almost 71 points. He is right up there with the rest of them in awfulness.

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