The 62 District Strategy – Spiros Mantzavinos to run against Anthony Delcollo in the 7th SD

Finally, we have a candidate to take on Republican State Senator Anthony Delcollo, who represents the very Democratic 7th Senate District centered on Elsmere. Some in the party leadership in the General Assembly did not want to challenge Delcollo because they like him, and on some issues he has voted with the Democrats so that he was not that out of step with his district.

But we can thank New Castle County Party Chairman Dave Woodside, State Party Chair Erik Raser-Schramm and Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon, and of course, Mr. Mantzavinos for not agreeing to give Mr. Delcollo a pass.

Spiros Mantzavinos has most recently been the Chief of Staff to State Auditor Kathy McGuiness. He owns and runs The Mantzavinos Group – a public affairs and communications firm with experience in the energy, business, non-profit and health care sectors. So yes, that means he lobbies the state government. Before he opened his own shop, he was a lobbyist for Christiana Care, and before that, for the American Heart Association, where one of his accomplishments was the Breathe Free Philadelphia Alliance, a coalition created to enact a smoking ban in Philadelphia, and securing nearly a 200% increase in state funding for Delaware’s defibrillator program.

His lobbying efforts also extending to working for Motiva’s Delaware City Refinery. He also worked for the Delaware State Senate’s Majority (Democratic) Caucus. There, he staffed the Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Control Committee and the Senate Energy and Transit Committee. After that, he became the Vice-President of Government Affairs for the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce.

I am not one that is reflexively anti-lobbyist. There are many good lobbyists out there, lobbying the government for good things. And Mr. Mantzavinos looks like he has been lobbying for some good things. But his resume of lobbying also has some possibly bad things (the Chamber, Motiva and even some aspects of Christiana Care), depending on what he was lobbying for. Also, as everyone knows, I am not a fan of our state Auditor.

I am told that Spiros is well aware of the optics of his resume. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, because, in reality, beggars cannot be choosers. We all have been begging for a credible candidate to take on Delcollo, and many on the left have been saying it would be political malpractice not to. So we now have that candidate. I will wait to hear from him as to what his platform will be. I will give him a chance. I may even donate to and support him if I like what I hear. And if a more progressive credible challenger emerges, I will do the same for that person. But so far, that progressive candidate has not emerged.

In other news, Rysheema Dixon has announced that she is running for Wilmington City Council President. Also, Luann D’Agostino has filed as a Democrat to run against State Representative Mike Smith in the 22nd RD. I only became aware of her candidacy after reviewing the recent filings at the state Election Commissioner website. There is literally nothing online or on Facebook about her candidacy, so I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out more about her.

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15 comments on “The 62 District Strategy – Spiros Mantzavinos to run against Anthony Delcollo in the 7th SD

  1. Sorry but hard pass on Spiro. Getting someone to run isn’t an accomplishment, getting quality candidates to ru is.

  2. A Republican in the minority does littles damage. A corporate Democrat in the majority does lots of damage.

    You can vote for a party or for your self-interest. Sometimes they aren’t the same thing.

    • Delaware Dem

      Well, I will wait to hear from him, rather than already condemning him to hell for his past and preparing to vote Republican as some supposed Progressives are going to do.

      • I’m not in that district, so I can’t for vote for or against him, but he’s been around for decades, usually doing the devil’s work. I don’t have to listen to him at all to know what he stands for. I’m talking about the danger he can do once in office. Unlike you, I have no loyalty to any party, for the simple reason that no party has shown any loyalty to me. YMMV.

        • Bucknut

          I agree with Alby. He has done the devils work and it’s been for Republican Park City McGuiness.

  3. Translation another puppet for the state’s chamber of commerce and the interests of big corporations. Tra La, ’tis Delaware.

  4. Joe Connor

    “I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, because, in reality, beggars cannot be choosers” Huh!!!??? I am not gonna knock the guy but Geez this is a D District! I don’t see D’s needing to be beggars here a healthy primary exposing the candidates to the voters should be easy here…

  5. 1pointoforder

    Yes, it’s a D district. But it’s not a progressive D district.

    Candidate recruitment is harder than it looks. NOW is the time to step up. You can’t coerce someone to run for office. If a credible challenge to an incumbent is going to be made, they have to start now. A primary to challenge the incumbent in this district would be crazy; i.e., would likely leave the R in place.

    Second rule of politics is “you can’t beat someone with no one.”

    Republicans: tear them out, root and branch.

  6. Any Democrat who supports raising the minimum wage is better than any Republican. Ask him where he stands on this. Make sure he hears a lot about this issue and where we stand on it.

  7. Anessa Bradley

    This guy is a total scumbag of epic proportions. Why not dig up Tom Capano? He is a corporate hack who espouses the company line of fighting for the little guy but really slides it in him without a kiss.

  8. cassandram

    Add to the list a primary for Dave McBride in the 13th — Marie Pinkney announced her run.

  9. Joe Connor

    Ms Pinkney Looks interesting. She might want to flesh out the Bio a bit. It needs to be a tad more specific. Solid platform stuff could be a possible here:).

  10. Joe Connor

    Part 2: Campaign Facebook up with some more info. Yes still a bit thin but the basic framework looks very promising. Dare I hope!?

  11. Luann D'Agostino

    Find out about District 22 State Rep Candidate Luann D’Agostino at or on FB @electluann (Luann D’Agostino for State Rep. Thanks.

  12. I knew Spiros when he was the flack for Motiva. The guy is bad news–a horrible example of a corporate democrat. It is true that he would feel at home in the Delaware General Assembly. Coons has sent out an email promoting him, which is probably all anybody would need to know.

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