So it has been a week…. [Update: Rowe Resigns]

….since I published the screenshots of Chris Rowe’s and Nelly Jordan’s disgusting comments on Facebook, and while we have seen lots of concerned statements from Republican officials in the state, and a promise to resign from Mr. Rowe himself, nothing has actually happened. No action has been taken, by the Delaware Republican Party and its officials themselves, or by Mr. Rowe himself or Mrs. Jordan herself.

Let me remind them what that means. If these officials remain in their offices, it means the party endorses and condones their language. It means the Republican Party in Delaware and all Delaware Republicans are fully accepting of homophobic bigoted slurs, and with anti-Semitism.

Actions speak louder than words.

If Rowe and Jordan won’t go, then you remove them. If you can’t remove them, then all of you officials who issued statements of concern over the last week must officially and publicly resign from the Republican Party.

[Update: According to LiberalGeek in the comments below, apparently Mr. Rowe announced that he tendered his resignation to Jane Brady yesterday on Rick Jensen’s show on WDEL.]

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4 comments on “So it has been a week…. [Update: Rowe Resigns]

  1. Admit it or not Rowe and Jordan are in sync with a great many Republicans in this state, and I suspect that applies to all states as well. They won’t resign, none of them will. Hatred, bigotry and greed are what defines the party.

  2. Yesterday, Chris Rowe was on the Jensen Show on WDEL. He said that he had met with Jane Brady that morning and tendered his resignation.

    He went back and forth on being sorry for what he said and Rick was trying to soften the blow with “it’s a word we used to say when we were 13”. But even Rick had to redirect Mr. Rowe a few times and remind him that the word was, in fact, bad.

    Mr. Rowe also said that he had to provide a letter to the HR department of his employer explaining the situation, but that his local leadership “had his back”. He is still waiting on a reply from them.

    It should be noted that Rick also tried to tie Mr. Rowe’s behavior to Rep. Kowalko’s letter in that we all screw up sometimes.

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