Rowe Buries Himself Further

In a remarkable “political suicide” note, New Castle County GOP Chair and bigot Chris Rowe defends his use of a bigoted slur against gays by saying he uses said bigoted slur all the time. Yeah, that’s the ticket! And then he attacks your humble writer and this small political blog as anti-American. Because, I guess, to be an American in a Trump Republican’s eyes means you need to be bigoted against gay people.

Here is the Rowe statement:

That statement did not seem to quiet or calm his fellow Republicans:

So it seems like Rowe is staying. And Nelly Jordan seems to be staying. So all these Republican statements of concern need now to turn to action. Fire and remove them both immediately or every Republican will have deemed to accept their bigoted words. These nice Republican statements from people like Cloutier, Hensley, Lopez, Mike Smith, Spadola and Delcollo are meaningless unless action is taken.

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12 comments on “Rowe Buries Himself Further

  1. RE Vanella

    If they purge the racists, anti-semitic ghouls and half-wit homophobes they have very little left.

    Plus they all love Trump.

    Also, Israel is an illegal apartheid enforced by violence… And we pay for most of it. The quicker you face reality the better we’ll all be.

    They called Mandela a terrorist too, so I feel like in on a pretty good historical foundation here. Also, like I said, even a cursory understanding of the 1948 Nakba established ethnic cleansing.

    Everyone needs to grow up.

  2. RE Vanella

    Sorry fo the typos. I’m on the bus.

  3. I like the part where he accuses Democrats of covering up “capital crimes.” Projection is all these folks know. Also, this wet fart of a human being is not old enough to remember when the f-word meant anything other than an insult of homosexuality. It’s been some years since it meant a bundle of sticks.

  4. cassandram

    The House Republican Caucus also called our Rowe and the Sussex VC and called for them to resign.

    As of now, it seems that Jane Brady is the only equivocator in leadership here.

  5. RE Vanella

    Bittle has Rowe “stepping down”

  6. waiting quietly

    I remember mike Mathews apology from a year ago when he resigned for things he wrote over a decade ago. this seems to be the complete opposite. Maybe someone should have just printed off matthews apology letter and handed it to chris to show how he should have done this.

  7. Hope he hangs tough and adds a few more choice comments, it serves to remind people what you get with the Republican party.

  8. ….oh good lord, did…did he really pull the “I have gay friends” defense AND the “locker room talk” defense? Rowe, honey. Babe. Sweetie. Since your momma clearly didn’t get through to you, let me explain: you do not, in fact, have gay friends, you have people who are too afraid to call yoh a dick to your face, and just because you say something “in a locker room,” literal or not, doesn’t make it right, and trying to use these defensex to justify yourself only makes you that much more of a disgusting, bigoted douche. If you were a remotely decent human being, you would at least admit that yes, you used that word without thinking, and apologize for upsetting people with a word you didn’t mean, and make a meaningless promise to “do better in the future,” if only because that is etiquette book basic manners. But you can’t even manage that much basic respect.

    What depths the Republican party has fallen to…and I thought it was offensive enough when I left the party in protest back in 2008!

  9. He’s always been a douche…. my apologies to all female hygiene products.

  10. I vote that in the great political migration of 1964-1975, Democrats came out way ahead. Dixiecrats were the meanest, dishonest, most violent, backward and illiterate of our party, and you Republicans got every one. Congratulations. We democrats got the most enlightened, best educated and liberal of the party of Lincoln, including Lincoln. Thank you very much.

    • What do you suppose happened when all of those northern and southern racists, homophobes, and sociopaths joined the Republican Party?

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