James Spadola leads Republican reaction to Rowe/Jordan comments [Updated]

Here is his response to the bigotry of New Castle County Chair Chris Rowe and the Antisemitism of Sussex County Vice Chair Nelly Jordan:

I shouldn’t have to say this, but homophobia and antisemitism have no place in this world or the Delaware GOP. Earlier today, I was made aware of homophobic slurs made by the NCC County Chair of the GOP. Upon verifying them myself, I immediately called the Party Chair and unequivocally asked her to remove him from his position. Additionally, any person who speaks ill of Jewish people, the majority faith of our greatest ally in the Middle East (Israel), has no business being an appointed County chair and should also be removed (as I also asked for).

Good for him. It’s not hard, Republicans.

Update: Spadola was first to condemn Rowe and Jordan last night and to call for their resignations/removal. This morning, so far, he has been joined by Senators Ernie Lopez and Anthony Delcollo:

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16 comments on “James Spadola leads Republican reaction to Rowe/Jordan comments [Updated]

  1. If he is decent why is he still a big Trump supporter? Fuck this guy.

  2. RE Vanella

    It’s cool to see the new year begin with another idiot equating the anti-semitism of local reactionary bigots with critique of a violently enforced apartheid state. It provides a certain continuity with our stupid past and portends a really fun 2020.

    The old Tory trick. Right here in our little Shire. I’m here for it.

  3. Fuck these guys & and their phony ass shock and disappointment. They are all Trumpers

  4. I know have another comment hung up.

    • RE Vanella

      Hehe. Jason is being shadow banned. 🤣

      • Delaware Dem

        WordPress’s spam filter does not like you Jason. Your comment has been released. My apologies.

  5. Commenting from a phone sucks, almost as much as these frauds suck.

  6. Meyer Persow

    I thank Ernie for his comments. Ernie and Brian Pettyjohn called me yesterday after word got out about my letter to the editor. They both apologized to me, but they had nothing to apologize about. They assured me that Nelly Jordan’s comments would not be swept under the rug and that they would ask for her resignation. They kept their word. My letter was not sent to “get” the Sussex County GOP. It was sent because the comments were vile and have no place in political discourse. I would demand the resignation of anyone in the Democratic Party if they also spewed such hateful rhetoric, such as Linda Sarsour and her ilk.

    Glad to see some of my old Delaware Liberal compatriots haven’t changed. 😉

  7. RE Vanella

    Haha. Linda Sarsour. Haha. Yeah. Palestinian people have human rights! Thank you for proving my point.

    • Meyer Persow

      I never said that they don’t, but when a so-called leader for Palestinian rights associates with Hamas and Hezbollah, and calls for Israel’s destruction, then yes, I will call her out on her shit.

      • RE Vanella

        When will Israel stop occupying the West Bank and holding the entire territory of Gaza prisoners?

        Do you think the ethnic cleansing during the Nakba has anything to do with Hamas’ rhetoric?

        It’s a completely one-sided slaughter. But yeah, gives is your talking points. Thanks

  8. RE Vanella

    All this party inside baseball stroking off is fucking dumb.

    Spadola has to say “(Israel)”

    This fucking dope has to call out Sarsour.

    All you people fucking suck.

    Happy New year.

  9. you morons are sad, Delaware is rotting to the ground and you worry about this non issue? Get real.

  10. RE Vanella

    The Delaware GOP is racist, anti-semitic & homophobic.

    The nation of Israel is a violent apartheid state.

    Both of these things are true. It’s not complex or anything. So sort yourselves our.

  11. John Brereton

    Good! We, as a nation, need to speak out against all bigotry, sexism, and hatred regardless of what race or religion it is against. There is absolutely NO PLACE for it in today’s society.

  12. Joe Connor

    Spatula is a straight up POS and if you think this makes him ok you’re not very bright… but hey”bipartisanship!

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