The Worst in Delaware politics in 2019

Every year, as we reflect on the year that is about to pass into history, we reflect events and people which and who were instrumental in denying progress of and in our state. Some of these people are Republicans that we would oppose 24/7 on principle, and who we expect, much to our chagrin, will be a presence in Delaware politics in 2020 whether we like it our not. Some of these people are Democrats who have disappointed or betrayed us in 2019, and who we want to either depart the stage or change their ways in 2020.

10. Monique Johns – Two campaigns and two losses in the 9th Representative District against Republican Kevin Hensley. I think it is time she step aside and let other candidates try.

9. Mike Ramone – Yeah, we haven’t forgotten about you. We will remind the voters of your actions in 2018 in 2020 and fight to elect Stephanie Barry to replace you.

8. Sam Guy – His bullying and disruptions and ego driven antics in Wilmington politics needs to end.

7. Hanifa Shabazz – She should really resign for her role in the Theo Gregory criminality. And the drama she constantly provokes needs to end. The Wilmington City Council has been an embarrassment to all Democrats in the state for far too long, and she is a big reason why.

6. Greg Lavelle – He’s running. For Governor. For U.S. Senator. For his old seat in 2022. I don’t know yet. But he is running for something. Hence his constant appearances on Caesar Rodney Institute’s Data Delaware podcasts.

5. Jim Maravelias – Someone should remind the President of the Delaware AFL-CIO that opposing gun safety legislation is not a labor issue.

4. Ben DuPont, Chris Kenny and “A Better Delaware” – Delaware did not need another conservative “non partisan” organization that advocates for Republican and conservative fiscal and tax policies. Charlie Copeland and the Caesar Rodney Institute already have that lane covered.

3. Bruce Ennis, John Viola and Earl Jaques – It is time for retirement for all three of these Democratic members of the General Assembly. Recent votes and public stances on the issues have placed them all out of step with not only the Democratic base but with the people of Delaware. They all have garnered primary challenges, so perhaps they should take the New Year and this coming legislative session to consider stepping aside for a new generation.

2. The “Bipartisanship is the Only Goal” Chris Coons – I love quoting myself:

Over the last two years, Senator Coons has been making befriending Republicans and acting in a bipartisan way as an end goal in and of itself, regardless of the nefarious policy required to actually make something bipartisan. He provided a lifeline to Senator Jeff Flake and wavering Republicans during the Kavanaugh by proposing conducting a meaningless FBI non-investigation where the FBI, as it turns out, conducted no new interviews of witnesses, thus allowing Kavanaugh to be confirmed. Indeed, Senator Coons was aware of an allegation against Kavanaugh that was not public and would not be made public until nearly a year after the confirmation battle. He informed the FBI of the new allegation, but the FBI did not investigate it during the aforesaid non-investigation. Coons stayed quiet. He actually has voted for some of the president’s judicial nominees and discouraging public confrontations with administration officials. He voted “present” during the committee hearing to advance the Mike Pompeo nomination, which allowed the nomination to advance out of committee and get a confirmation vote. Pompeo has gone on to become the most corrupt Secretary of State in American history. Coons has become the Trump Democrat to go to when you need a belligerent comment on Iran. Coons attacked Beto O’Rourke with Republican talking points after Beto argued for an assault weapons ban (that even Joe Biden supports) and a mandatory buyback program. And then last week, when the President was deservedly booed and heckled at the World Series, Coons condemned the boos and the chants by saying “I frankly think the office of the president deserves respect.”

Coons has deservedly earned a primary, and I predict the vote in that primary will be much closer than the Carper-Harris race in 2018. Here is hoping that Coons sees the light and returns to his Democratic base.

1. Dave McBride and Nicole Poore – Here is hoping that one or both of them get a primary challenge in this coming election to repay them for their betrayal of Delaware mothers and school children who do not wish to die to preserve the supposed rights of gun nuts to unfettered and unregulated access to military style weapons.

Delaware politics from a liberal, progressive and Democratic perspective. Keep Delaware Blue.

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  1. James Rubin

    It’s going to be a “much closer” primary because Jess is going to win outright. In comparison to 2018’s campaign, her campaign is outperforming it in every single metric. And people at doors have repeatedly said they’re sick of seeing Chris on TV, parroting out GOP talking points.

    But we still need to work to make this happen. Please donate if you haven’t, and please volunteer. Even if you’re just doing a single shift of canvassing or phone banking a month, it is extremely valuable. Sign up here:

    If you can do neither, talk to those around you and make sure they’re aware that we have a choice on September 15th. We can vote for the status quo that has worked alongside the illegitimate Trump administration to appoint 20% of the Federal judiciary. Or we can vote for a platform that is centered on the needs of the working class and a candidate who will fight the fascist Republican party at every opportunity.

    • Stupid. Do you realize how much money labor unions (through their members’ contributions) give to keep pro-worker Democrats in office? Do you know how much they spent to keep the Senate blue?!? It was over $250k. Their members are part of our coalition and most of them are firmly against many of the gun bills. Let’s piss them off and see how many Democrats who rely on them to compete against big money Republicans lose their seats. Good luck passing anything you care about. So basically you want them to keep giving their member’s money but not speak up about issues their members are for or against?

      • James Rubin

        I didn’t read this past the word “Stupid.” as I assume that was a descriptor for the subsequent content. In the meantime, please sign up to volunteer or donate.

        • The fact that you think you are Gona win against coons like it’s a piece of cake is prob written by someone under 25 with zero idea how this state operate with democratic primaries. You guys have your work cut out for you in a huge way.

          1) Unions matter in this state still a lot and are loyal. They will all be with coons. Not to mention their money

          2) Sussex and Kent Dems tend to be more moderate and conservative. You can put most of southern new castle county as well.

          3) No one knows who Jess is and Chris has built ma t long friendships in a small state.

          People are often polite at the doors because they don’t like to be mean and want to be decent people. Doesn’t mean they are voting for you.

          The carper keh test told us all we needed to know where Delaware Dems are. Still a fairly moderate state. Carper by the way was stumbling and could barely make out a sentence and won by 30 points. Coons is much better on the stump and will win with about the same margin.

          • James Rubin

            Sign up to volunteer or donate for a cause you believe in, regardless of if you support Jess. Get out there and do stuff. Also, I am absolutely not reading that text but keep writing essays, it’s a good hobby!.

            • Absolutely! You write an essay but don’t have the time to read others! Sounds logical! Donate to Chris coons today! I know I will be knocking doors for Chris

              • James Rubin

                Please knock doors for Chris in Wilmington and tell them in person why:

                1) He voted for 80 Trump judges
                2) He thinks the minimum wage is too high
                3) He wants to “ration healthcare”

                They’ll love to hear it.

                • Please Knock on doors for Jessica whoever and tell them she will
                  A) take away your Obamacare, union benefits or private health care insurance because at 34 she knows what’s best for you and your health
                  B) she will help put rich kids through college on your dime even if you send your kid to trade school
                  C) she will be part of the toxic culture of partisan wars and never want to work with others who don’t share her and her small minorities view.

                  But hey maybe she will have a cool twitter burn or two? 🤷‍♂️

                  • James Rubin

                    I do all the time. They love it. You clearly have no idea what the electorate wants because you don’t actually knock doors.

                    • Son I been knocking on doors in places like Newport and elsmere and countless other places in this state for years. Thanks for doubling down tho. When we win again by 30 points what’s the excuse in 2021?

                      Bye Felicia

                      Please screen shot this like I already did so we can break down your 30 point loss and the “gains”
                      You made from keh getting smoked 😂

              • James Rubin

                By the way Lurker, you might need assistance finding canvasses for Chris as he doesn’t appear to list any on his website. However, I am happy to inform you that Jess had seven field events this past week, and will have another nine this coming week if you want to get involved!

      • @Big tent: We don’t need them. Democrats win state elections by 100,000. There are nowhere near that many union people voting for them. Take your gun rights across the aisle. We don’t want you.

  2. One last point before I jump off.

    As much as it triggers you, you live in Delaware. A state where Biden will take 70-80 precent of the primary vote. Tell the working class black folks of Wilmington Obama screwed up healthcare. After all that is your white young privileged position. Let me know how it goes

    But don’t worry if you don’t, we know who will be reminding folks this summer how anti Obama Jess is

    • James Rubin

      The nice thing about the platform of Jess and Bernie is, Medicare for All will keep you healthier, longer; so I can look forward to your terrible posts for decades to come.

  3. @Lurker: Those are some nice GOP talking points you’re pushing there. Appropriate for a GOP-lite candidate like Coons.

  4. RE Vanella

    I am so entertained by anonymous warriors for the status quo and capitalist class. And so proud they are!

    Just as a point of clarity. I’m sorry to report this but selling out to the establishment and bragging about it doesn’t “own” anyone. This is likely why you’re anonymous. You feel the shame of being dominated by your corporate overloads. You’re a simp for the status quo. Very sad.

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