The Campaign Report – December 19, 2019

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Joe Biden leading the Democratic field nationally with 28%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 21%, Elizabeth Warren at 18%, Pete Buttigieg at 9%, Amy Klobuchar at 5% and Michael Bloomberg at 4%.

A new CNN poll finds Biden leading with 26%, followed by Sanders at 20%, Warren at 16%, Buttigieg at 8% and Bloomberg at 5%.

Michael Bloomberg suggested in a MSNBC interview that former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t have the experience to be president.

Said Bloomberg: “He’s never been a manager of an organization.  He’s never run a school system.  His wife actually is an educator and has good experience there.”

He added: “But no, I don’t think any of them — you know, the presidency shouldn’t be a training job.  You get in there; you’ve got to hit the ground running.  We cannot wait, after what’s happened to our country and all the things that you described, of people not being comfortable.”

LOL. Biden has been Vice President for eight years. You cannot possibly say he is unqualified.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), one of President Trump’s leading congressional allies, says he won’t run for reelection, the Washington Post reports.

Playbook: “Meadows said he does not have a specific job with Trump locked down, but signaled he might try to work for his re-election campaign or in the administration.”

Asked if he would serve out the remainder of his term, Meadows said this: “At this point, I plan to serve the people of western North Carolina until it’s decided that I can best serve the president and the American people in a different capacity. And so while there’s no immediate plans, there’s certainly discussions that have occurred and potentially could occur in the future.”

What utter bullshit. The only reason she would do this is if she is either a paid Russian agent or is planning on running third party for President. Or both.

Walter Shapiro: “It is fashionable to argue that only losers fail to mobilize a national following seven weeks before the Iowa caucuses. But since the days when Eugene McCarthy stunned Lyndon Johnson amid the snows of New Hampshire in 1968 and a little-known governor named Jimmy Carter swept the opening contests in 1976, Democratic voters have reveled in surprising the handicappers.” “One simple rule change would solve the majority of the problems surrounding the debates: Give an automatic seat on the stage to any Democrat who has won a statewide election or served in the Cabinet in the last 10 years. Only true outsiders like Yang and Steyer would have to prove that they have enough of a following to qualify for the debate stage.”

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball: “Our initial ratings had 248 electoral votes at least leaning to the Republican nominee (Trump, almost certainly), 244 electoral votes at least leaning to the Democratic nominee, and 46 Toss-ups. Since then, we’ve made only one significant change, pushing Hillary Clinton’s most narrow 2016 victory, New Hampshire, from Toss-up to Leans Democratic, leaving a 248-248 split with just 42 electoral votes’ worth of Toss Ups (Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nebraska’s Second Congressional District).”

“The 2020 race still looks like a 50-50 proposition to us.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will meet privately with tribal leaders this weekend during her first trip to her home state of Oklahoma as a presidential candidate, the latest outreach in a nearly three-year effort to atone to Native Americans for her former claims that she was “American Indian,” the Washington Post reports.

Despite voting with Republicans against impeachment and giving standing ovations to President Trump during the impeachment debate, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) is not ready to say he’s a Republican, telling National Journal that he is “technically still a Democrat” and expects to announce a decision within “the next few days.”

However, Bloomberg reports Van Drew is expected to meet Trump at the White House later today.

Michael Bloomberg writes on LinkedIn that he will work “in the open” with his staff if he becomes president.

Said Bloomberg: “If I’m elected president, I’ll run the White House the way I’ve always run things. I’ll use the Oval Office for some official functions, but the rest of the time I’ll sit in the open with everyone else.”

He added: “If you’re in charge, why would you want to wall yourself off from your team? It makes no sense, but it’s tradition – and an ego trip – so executives think they’re entitled to it.”

While his office maintains it was not an “official” announcement, Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) told a group of seniors that he will “be planning to run” for Virginia governor in 2021, the Petersburg Progress-Index reports.

“A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, conducted as the House prepares to vote on two articles of impeachment against the president, shows a deadlock. Among American adults, 48% favor his impeachment and removal and 48% oppose it.”

“That represents a tiny shift in Trump’s favor since late October, when a 49%-46% plurality favored impeachment and removal.”

“Yet responses to other questions in the poll show larger numbers of Americans disturbed by the Trump’s behavior, which represents a warning sign for his 2020 reelection prospects.”

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) told Playboy she wouldn’t rule out running for office again.

Said Hill: “Obviously I’m going to need some time away, but it’s almost something I want to do on principle.”

She added: “Every single bit of my dirty laundry will be out there – the most private things I didn’t ever think would come out. I’ll be quite literally fully exposed to the voters. So judge me for what I’ve got.”

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