The Gravely Concerned yet Squeamish Democrat is not polling well

Sen. Chris Coons told NBC News that if President Trump is “exonerated in the Senate, if the Senate Republican majority refuses to discipline him through impeachment, he will be unbounded.” He added: “I’m gravely concerned about what else he might do between now and the 2020 election, when there are no restrictions on his behavior.”

Gravely concerned. So gravely concerned that he may cut back his Bible meetings with these very same Republicans to two a week. Chris Coons is the type of Democrat that desperately cares what the Beltway set thinks about him, more so than what his own voters think of him. He is scared to use blunt yet true language to describe the actions of evil Republicans because he might hurt the feelings of a Republican.

Josh Marshall had the same complaints about Maryland Senator Ben Cardin: “This evening I turned on MSNBC and watched Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland express deep concern about whether his Republican colleagues were going to keep an open mind as jurors in the Senate trial of the President. At one point he went as far as to say that Mitch McConnell had “raise[d] serious questions whether he will be objective in carrying out the responsibilities of the Senate or whether he’s going to try to stack the deck in favor of the president.” My point here is not to pick on Ben Cardin. This is one example of rhetoric you can hear from many Democrats and most Senate Democrats. It’s just the example that is ready at hand. But it is terrible and completely pathetic. It is grievously irresponsible to be expressing “concerns” that Republicans may not do their job and uphold their responsibility as Senators. [….]

Republicans have made their intentions crystal clear. It is an abdication of responsibility not to state this clearly. Republicans have already decided to protect a lawless President from constitutional accountability. They’ve betrayed the constitution and their oaths. This is a point to make consistently over and over and over again. Because it is true. If some Republican Senator decides to change his mind and the right thing they are welcome to do so.

Perhaps Cardin and others are too squeamish for that language or too wedded to Senate collegiality.

Cardin and Coons and others like them care too much about being nice. Now is not the time for Democrats to be nice. Democratic and Independent voters want fighters. And every Republican, in office or not, deserves to be called traitors to their face, Senate or Delaware Way civility be damned. But Chris Coons cannot do that. He cannot find it within himself to be a fighter. He is not a fighter. He is a submitter. He submits. He is submissive. He compromises for the point of achieving a compromise. Which is why the first poll of a potential primary contest for Chris Coons reveals incredible weakness and vulnerability for him.

Data for Progress conducted a poll among Delaware Democrats either right before or at the same time that Jess Scarane announced her primary challenge to Chris Coons, from November 15 through 25, 2019. Which is why perhaps, Data for Progress, did not poll Scarane’s name, but instead polled Coons against a “more liberal female candidate.” And guess what, Coons loses.

And he loses to the more liberal female candidate before any arguments for or against are tested by the pollster. What arguments against Coons are tested, Coons falls behind the more liberal female candidate by 21 points, 45% to 24%. And then when arguments more in favor of Coons are tested, Coons recovers to the baseline, where he is losing to the more liberal female challenger 36% and 32%.

Senator Coons’ favorability rating before the respondent is given arguments against Senator Coons is 62% to 24%. After arguments against are given, Coons plummets to a -10 approval, with only 38% approving and 48% disapproving. Coons recovers to a 49% favorable and 35% with positive arguments for Coons are given.

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14 comments on “The Gravely Concerned yet Squeamish Democrat is not polling well

  1. At least Jeff Van Drew isn’t pretending anymore, unlike some of these Blue Dog Bros…

  2. Stan Merriman

    McConnell and Graham have formalized the Fascist conversion of the Republican party. Senator Coons, there is no collaborating with these traitors to our democratic experiment.

    • Stan Merriman

      Senator Coons, lead the demand that Leader McConnell recuse himself from impeachment as a result of his public statement that he plans to defy his oath. Really, please lead.

      • He has never led anything in his life. Why would he start now?

      • Well at least he has E X P E R I E N C E and doesnt wear ear buds in pictures.

        If this little weasel was going to lead, he would have by now.

  3. I see this as good news, Coons is a weak and sad excuse for a Dem in the senate, we need him gone. And don’t be surprised if the little wuss votes against impeachment.

    • I fully expect him to fully realize his role as New Leiberman and run as an I if Jess beats him

  4. DeLuca Wannabe

    I believe Senator Coons is a principled and compassionate civil servant, who has worked hard to represent our state in the Senate. I have observed him to be a reasonable and intelligent man, who will listen to the facts and evidence presented by House prosecutors in an impeachment trial. However, I agree that he is also a man of faith, and that his default mode of seeking comity and compromise with Senators across the aisle is not going to serve us well in this situation. When the other side has abandoned all pretense of serving the public good and upholding the primacy of Constitutional law and norms of behavior, you can’t politely debate those issues. A is A, truth is truth, reality is a thing, and Republicans who are lost in adulation of their cult-leader/President need to be confronted and called out for the faithless frauds that they are.

    • And that fundamental failing…. trying again and again to kick that ball, only to wind up on his ass is disqualifying in these times.
      Not only that, but he scolds the left when we don’t follow his failed example.

      He may be a Nice Guy ™ but that is a liability now.

      • He is not actually that nice a guy. In private he reportedly has a mean and ugly temper. Which means he’s not the man of faith he pretends to be, either.

        • see, you’re probably right. He did do well in De Politics after all. BUT. even if his supposed redeeming qualities are true (they arent) he STILL needs to GTFO.

        • Keeping it Real

          Total nonsensical rant. Reportedly is not a statement of fact, simply wishful thinking on your part. Borderline libel. Even Jesus had a temper. He drove out the merchants in the temple by overturning tables. Religious is not being perfect, but striving to be perfect.

          • so now you’re accusing me of libel (in true magat fashion, getting the meaning of words wrong) and comparing Chris Coons… CHRIS COONS… to (checks post again…) Jesus?
            I’ll tell ya boyo, im an agnostic Jew and Im offended on behalf of the few actually good Christians out there.

            Keeping it real…. magaty

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