The Campaign Report – 11/12/2019

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) will not seek reelection next year, Fox News reports. The decision by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) to not seek re-election moves his heavily suburban Long Island district from Likely Republican to Lean Republican, according to the Cook Political Report.

The district twice voted narrowly for Barack Obama.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has told Democratic officials that he is considering making a last-minute entry into the 2020 presidential race, the New York Times reports.

“Mr. Patrick told party leaders he doesn’t think that any of the candidates running have established political momentum and that he thinks there is an opening for somebody who can unite both liberals and moderate Democrats.”

“At the same time, Massachusetts Democrats close to Mr. Patrick have started to reach out to prominent party leaders in early nominating states to alert them that he may run.”

Deval Patrick has all the charisma of an inanimate carbon rod. And didn’t he go work for Bain Capital after the Governorship? Yeah, he has no chance in Hell.

Jeff Greenfield: “Bloomberg’s surprise late entry into the 2020 race is a familiar story: The candidate who casts himself in the role of The Savior Who Is Waiting in the Wings is a quadrennial feature of presidential campaigns. For decades, Democrats and Republicans alike have persisted in looking beyond the field of those desperate few who have spent months, if not years, racking up frequent flier miles; eating indigestible food; begging for money; and crowding into coffee shops, union halls and living rooms trying to build a constituency. Right around this time of the cycle, these voters and pundits and party operatives reliably hit the panic button, certain that somewhere above the fray stands a candidate free of the now-obvious flaws that burden the rest of the field…”

“There’s one pesky fact about these late-entry candidacies: They never succeed. Only once have they even materially affected the outcome of a fight for the nomination.”

This was my first reaction too. If Bloomberg really wanted to ensure Warren’s defeat, he would finance Biden’s super PAC and start a few more pro-Biden groups on his own.

“A few hours after polls closed in Kentucky last Tuesday, a Twitter user writing under the handle @Overlordkraken1 posted a message to his 19 followers saying he had ‘just shredded a box of Republican mail-in ballots,’” the New York Times reports.

“For those eager to cry fraud as a reliably red state leaned blue, the fact that @Overlordkraken1 did not appear to be in Kentucky — Louisville was misspelled in the location tag on his tweet, for one thing — was not going to get in the way of a useful narrative. Nor was Twitter’s decision to suspend his account.”

“Within hours of @Overlordkraken1’s tweet, as it became apparent that Mr. Bevin was trailing in the vote tally, hyperpartisan conservatives and trolls were pushing out a screenshot of the message, boosted by what appeared to be a network of bots, and providing early grist for allegations of electoral theft in Kentucky. High-profile right-wing figures were soon tweeting out their own conspiracy theories about the election being stolen — messages that were in turn pushed by even more trolls and bots — and the Bevin campaign began talking about ‘irregularities’ in the vote without offering any specifics or evidence.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told WFPL that it appears Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) has lost his bid for reelection, even though Bevin still hasn’t conceded the race.

Said McConnell: “I’m sorry Matt came up short, but he had a good four years and I think all indications are — barring some dramatic reversal on recanvass — that we’ll have a different governor in three weeks.”

Daily Yonder: “There was a 22.5 percentage point difference in the Democratic vote between Louisville and the state’s most rural counties in 2015. This week, the gap was 29.6 points.”

A new Quinnipiac poll in New Hampshire finds Joe Biden leading the Democratic presidential race with 20%, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 16%, Pete Buttigieg at 15%, Bernie Sanders at 14%, Tulsi Gabbard at 6%, Andrew Yang at 4%, Amy Klobuchar at 3% and Tom Steyer at 3%.

No other candidate tops 1%, and 14 percent of likely voters are undecided.

In a separate question, only 2% said they would definitely vote for Michael Bloomberg if he got into the race, while 37% say they would consider voting for him, and 54% say they definitely would not vote for him.

A new Mason-Dixon poll in Louisiana finds Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) with a slim lead over challenger Eddie Rispone (R) in this weekend’s runoff election, 48% to 46%.

Former coal executive Don Blankenship announced he will make a 2020 White House bid as a Constitution Party candidate, The Hill reports.

Said Blankenship: “President Trump means well, but he simply cannot get it done because he is too busy mending his self-inflicted wounds and tripping over his ego.”

Speaking of egos….

“Pete Buttigieg was quickly locking down a solid lane in the Democratic primary: a young, vibrant, gay, midwestern, war veteran mayor with progressive ideas and plenty of money — but both feet planted in fiscal prudence,” Politico reports.

“Young Wall Street and tech-entrepreneur types were starting to fall in love — with his poll numbers and fundraising totals underscoring the Buttigieg boomlet. He was the ‘Parks and Recreation’ candidate in the Democratic field and an alternative to seventy-somethings Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who are both looking to lock down the hyper-online progressive, anti-Wall Street crowd as well as blue collar workers across the Midwest.”

“But then a funny thing happened last week: Another 70-something candidate beloved on Wall Street — billionaire mogul Michael Bloomberg — made an unexpected splash by suggesting he may still enter the race.”

NBC News: “When Trump arrived in the White House in 2017, there were 241 Republicans at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue in the House of Representatives. Today, 100 of them have gone or have announced that they are leaving. That’s 41 percent of that original 241 in the 115th House.”

Can all of them leave? Because I would be fine with that.

“Pete Buttigieg says if elected he’d like to name a woman to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs for the first time as 2020 hopefuls take aim at President Trump’s record on stemming military suicide and helping female vets,” the AP reports.

“Pete Buttigieg hailed Barack Obama’s legacy after a journalist acknowledged misquoting the Democratic White House contender as making statement critical of the former president’s time in office,” Politico reports.

Buttigieg said he appreciated “this reporter’s swift and honest correction of a misquote on my views of” Obama’s presidency.

He added: “From health care to DADT repeal to the rescue of the auto industry, my appreciation of the great leadership of Barack Obama comes from a very personal place.”

“Nine months ago, Democrats at every stratum in Virginia called on Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over a racist photograph on his medical school yearbook page,” the New York Times reports.

“Mr. Northam bumbled his response, admitting he was in the picture before saying he was not, then seemed like he might demonstrate Michael Jackson’s moonwalk at a news conference where he acknowledged blackening his face for a dance contest.”

“Now, after Democrats won control of the Legislature on Tuesday, Mr. Northam is positioned to be the most consequential Democratic governor in America in 2020, aiming to enact strong gun restrictions and LGBTQ protections and clear the way to take down Confederate statues — all potential headline-making changes that could galvanize the party base nationally in the presidential race.”

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  1. cassandram

    “Patrick’s interest in the race advanced in recent weeks as top Democratic donors became increasingly concerned with the field, according to one friend who spoke to the former governor last week.

    The donors, many with ties to Wall Street, see Patrick as the perfect candidate: a dynamic, African-American progressive governor who got elected in a heavily white state and who also has good ties to the business community thanks to his time in Bain Capital, the firm founded by another former Massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

    “This is coming from Wall Street. They’re terrified of Warren. And these guys would help Biden. But they’ve been in a room with him up close and they have doubts,” the source said. “Deval wants this. He regrets not having done it. His wife was ill. But since then, she has gotten better. But the field has gotten worse.””

    From Politico.

    Notice that the reason for running is response to donors. There is not a single thought here reported about the voters or the country. Just what donors want. In the NYT article Jason posted, Patrick notes that there is no one who can unite liberal and progressive Dems and I don’t even know WTF that means.

    • Warren does indeed terrify the big money boys, so does Bernie, they like America’s assorted rackets just the way they are. To hell with them and their money too. Patrick is going nowhere and will merely join the bottom tier, so will Bloomberg, mega billions or not. Like all hyper rich men Bloomberg is damned impressed with himself, the real world not so much.

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