The Campaign Report – 10/29/2019

A new Selzer & Co national poll finds 81% of Americans believe that it’s not right for political candidates to ask foreign governments to help them win election. That includes 81% of Republican, 85% of evangelicals Christians, 87% of rural voters — President Trump’s 2016 base.

If the general election were today, only 38% of likely voters say they would definitely vote to re-elect Trump while 47% would definitely vote for someone else.

James Hohmann: “This helps explain why Trump defenders on Capitol Hill have fixated more on complaining about the impeachment process than offering a substantive defense of Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine or his public call for China, from the White House lawn, to investigate the Bidens.”

A new CNN poll in New Hampshire finds Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic presidential race with 21%, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 18%, Joe Biden at 15%, Pete Buttigieg at 10%, Tulsi Gabbard at 5%, Amy Klobuchar at 5%, Andrew Yang at 5% and Kamala Harris at 3%.

Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion on Sunday morning at a South Carolina church, the South Carolina Morning News reports.

“Father Robert Morey of Saint Anthony Catholic Church confirmed Monday afternoon that he had denied the presidential candidate Holy Communion because of his stance on abortion. Biden, a lifelong Catholic, had attended the church’s 9 a.m. Mass.”

CNN: “A San Francisco man is going to extreme lengths to call out Facebook’s controversial policy of allowing politicians to run false ads on its platform. On Monday morning, he registered as a candidate in California’s 2022 gubernatorial election — not with the primary goal of becoming governor, but so he can run false Facebook ads of his own.”

Judd Legum: “The Daily Wire, the right-wing website founded by pundit Ben Shapiro, is a cesspool of misogyny, bigotry, and misinformation. Its toxic content is also fantastically successful on Facebook, with each story reaching more people than any other major media outlet. A Popular Information investigation reveals some of this success is attributable to a clandestine network of 14 large Facebook pages that purport to be independent but exclusively promote content from The Daily Wire in a coordinated fashion.”

“This kind of ‘inauthentic coordinated behavior’ violates Facebook’s rules. Facebook has taken down smaller and less coordinated networks that promoted liberal content. But Facebook told Popular Information that it will continue to allow this network to operate and amplify The Daily Wire’s content.”

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R-AL) “has been taking meetings and making calls regarding a run for his old Senate seat,” Yellowhammer News reports. “He is now strongly considering mounting a candidacy.”

“A growing number of Republicans are privately warning of increasing fears of a total wipeout in 2020: House, Senate, and White House,” Axiosreports.

  • House Republicans in swing districts are retiring at a very fast pace, especially in the suburbs of Texas and elsewhere.
  • The Republican Senate majority, once considered relatively safe, suddenly looks in serious jeopardy. Democrats are raising more money, and polling better, than Republican incumbents in battleground after battleground.
  • President Trump trails every major Democratic candidate nationally and in swing states — and his favorable ratings remain well under 50%.

“All of this is unfolding while the economy still looks strong, and before public impeachment proceedings have officially begun.”

The Guardian: “Jeremy Corbyn has announced that Labour is ready to back a general election now that the EU27 has granted a three-month Brexit delay, making a pre-Christmas poll all but certain.”

“With the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National party preparing to support a one-line bill tabled by Boris Johnson’s government later on Tuesday, triggering an early poll, Corbyn said his party would also support it.”

“Joe Biden risks a humiliating third or fourth-place finish in Iowa early next year, according to nearly a dozen senior Democrats in the state who attribute it to what they see as a poorly organized operation that has failed to engage with voters and party leaders,” Bloomberg reports.

“With fewer than 100 days until the Feb. 3 caucuses, Biden is failing to spend the time with small groups of voters and party officials that Iowans expect and his campaign’s outreach has been largely ineffective, according to 11 senior Democrats in the state. They worry that could send Biden to a crippling loss behind Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, who have highly organized campaigns in Iowa, said the Democrats.”

A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll finds Americans are split about whether President Trump should be convicted by the Senate in an impeachment trial and removed from office: 46% in favor and 47% against.

Key takeaway: “Having close to half of registered voters support his eviction from the White House is politically perilous territory for any president, of course.”

Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), who announced this summer he won’t run for reelection in 2020, told The Hill he has been asked to reconsider his decision. 

Forbes: “A nonprofit group with a bland name, Americans for Job Security, spent $5 million supporting Republicans in the 2010 midterms and $15 million denouncing former President Obama in the 2012 election, but until this week, the group never had to file disclosures showing where its money was coming from.”

“The biggest individual donor to the group appears to be Charles Schwab, the brokerage titan worth an estimated $7.8 billion. Over the span of three months in 2012, he donated nearly $9 million. Gap cofounder Doris Fisher—along with her sons Robert, John and William—gave another $9 million.”

A new Emerson College Poll finds President Trump’s approval underwater in Arizona, at 45% to 50%.

In potential general election match-ups, Arizona appears to be competitive once again in 2020 with Trump tied 50% to 50% against Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, and edging Bernie Sanders 51% to 49%, well within the margin of error.

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