Senator Sturgeon to retire as a teacher

When I saw this news earlier this week, I had a fear for a moment that she was be forced out of being a Spanish teacher in the Brandywine School District because of something political she had said or done. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case. Instead, it would seem time and energy constraints prevent Senator Laura Sturgeon from keeping both jobs. That is unfortunate for her students, but fortunate for her district and the rest of Delaware.

“Each of these roles is too important for me to continue juggling both,” Sturgeon said in a statement on Tuesday. “That’s why I have decided to focus all of my energy on serving Delaware in my capacity as a state legislator.” […] “Helping expand students’ minds by sharing the gifts of language and literature has always been a passion,” she said in her statement. “More recently, however, I have taken a more direct role in improving our state by using everything I have learned during my time in the classroom to inform policy.” […]

“This decision was not easy,” Sturgeon said of giving up teaching. “But the voters of Senate District 4 have entrusted me to represent them for at least the next three years and that’s a duty and an honor that I take very seriously.”

Many legislators have second jobs, or perhaps more accurately, consider their legislative duties to be a second job. The reason for that simple: the legislature is in session for six months, from January to July (and even then there are weeks on end in the spring when the legislature is not convened so that the budget committees can have hearings to write the budget). Such jobs are usually flexible to account for their legislative schedule, like being a lawyer or a real estate agent or a small business owner.

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