Delaware United starts a PAC.

This is great news. Over the last month, Delaware United, a very successful statewide progressive organization, if not THE statewide progressive organization, has formed a Political Action Committee so that is can raise funds and donate and support the candidates it endorses, among other actions. From Delaware United:

Just this year, Delaware United:

  • Worked with organizations to push for the most progressive Criminal Justice reform our state has ever seen
  • Increased transparency in state government with weekly committee hearing reports and schedules
  • Lobbied legislators for progressive legislation
  • Testified on behalf of our members at dozens of committee hearings
  • Led the effort in writing a free how-to guide on running a successful citizens lobby day in Delaware
  • Helped host a number of successful lobby days in Dover
  • Helped organize multiple rallies for progressive causes
  • Organized Delawareans for progressive causes from across the state, sending tens of thousands of emails, letters, postcards and personal messages to legislators in Dover

However, we want to ramp up our efforts and make an even more significant impact during the 2020 legislative session. That is why we have decided to formally organize and make Delaware United a Political Action Committee!

For too long, corporate interests have been able to spend unlimited sums of money to influence our state and local governments. They have negotiated in backroom meetings with legislators to pass or stop legislation when it benefits them, and often this is done without anyone in the public being made aware. At Delaware United, our mission is to Educate, Advocate, and Activate. This is what we want to continue doing in Delaware, but on a scale even larger than we have in the past.

Delaware United will continue to be one of the driving forces in furthering the progressive movement in Delaware. We will continue to advocate for progressive policies and to support political candidates in our state who share our values.

If you want to help progressive candidates and causes out in Delaware, think about making a donation to the new Delaware United Action PAC by clicking here.

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