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Americans by a 45% to 38% plurality now support a vote by the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump, a USA Today/Ipsos Poll finds, as allegations continue to swirl around an embattled White House.

By a similar margin, 44% to 35%, those surveyed say the Senate, which would then be charged with holding a trial of the president, should convict Trump and remove him from office.

“President Trump was in trouble with women voters long before House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry against him last week. Since then, his standing has grown only worse,” Politico reports.

“Nearly a half-dozen polls conducted since last Tuesday, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed her colleagues to proceed with pursuing Trump for potentially impeachable offenses, have shown women voters rallying behind her decision, exacerbating concerns among White House allies that white women who helped carry Trump to victory in 2016 can no longer be counted on next November.”

“The development comes as independent voters and college-educated whites — two more demographic groups that could make or break Trump’s reelection bid — have shown signs of softening their resistance to impeachment.”

A new Emerson poll in Ohio finds all three leading Democrats beating President Trump. Bernie Sanders leads Trump 53% to 47%, Joe Biden is ahead 53% to 47% and Elizabeth Warren beats him 52% to 48%.

A new Public Policy Institute of California poll finds Elizabeth Warren leading with 23%, followed by Joe Biden at 22%, Bernie Sanders at 21%, Kamala Harris at 8% and Pete Buttigieg at 6%. No other candidate is preferred by more than 3%.

Key finding: Among voters with a candidate preference, 53% would consider supporting another candidate.

Slate asks whether Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack: “Based on the information his campaign has released, this scenario seems to be what happened to Bernie Sanders on Tuesday evening. Without a close look at Sanders’ medical chart, it’s impossible to make a definitive diagnosis, and I have not reviewed the details of his case other than what has been reported to the media by his campaign. But even the scant information we have—that he had stents inserted overnight following an acute cardiac episode—is enough to be able to say: This was very likely a heart attack.”

“I asked the Sanders’ campaign directly if they could confirm that this was or was not a heart attack. They declined to comment on the record. On Wednesday evening, the Wall Street Journal ran a story that originally stated a spokesperson for Sanders said the senator ‘didn’t suffer a heart attack,’ but that story was later updated to remove that assertion.”

First Read: “As long as he’s a presidential candidate, at age 78, the campaign owes the public more answers about his health situation.”

I am no Bernie Sanders partisan, but it seems to me that the situation sounds very similar to what happened to Bill Clinton in 2004. He suffered chest pain and shortness of breath, and went to the hospital, where his doctors determined that the blockage of his arteries was so severe that he needed a much more extensive and serious surgery than what Bernie Sanders received: a coronary bypass on all four arteries. And I do not recall it ever being said that Bill Clinton suffered a heart attack.

To be clear, both would have suffered heart attacks eventually if they both did not go to the hospital. But I don’t think it is fair to say Bernie Sanders did indeed suffer one.

“Joe Biden’s campaign is ramping up its investment in the Super Tuesday states, anticipating a Democratic race that narrows to two candidates by early March,” Politico reports.

“The increase in staffing across the 14 states that will vote March 3 comes as Biden’s polling numbers have declined and Elizabeth Warren’s have surged, particularly in states like Iowa and New Hampshire where she’s heavily invested in field organization.”

“The former vice president’s campaign is still counting on strong finishes in the four early nominating states. But in the event of weaker-than-expected performances, a built-out Super Tuesday organization would provide a fail-safe for Biden.”

Hours after President Trump described him as “stone-cold crooked,” Joe Biden vowed on Wednesday the Republican president is “not going to destroy me,” Reuters reports.

Said Biden: “I’m not going anywhere. You’re not going to destroy me. And you’re not going to destroy my family. I don’t care how much money you spend or how dirty the attacks get.”

He added: “He’s afraid of just how badly I would beat him next November.” 

“Nine months ago, Kamala Harris launched her campaign in front of 22,000 fans — then followed up with town halls that spilled out of rooms,” Politico reports.

“Now she’s planning to have dinner with individual families in Iowa.”

“After a summer of backsliding in the polls, Harris has scheduled a series of intimate meetings designed to recapture the success of her earliest days as a politician.”

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball has two Senate ratings changes this week: The most vulnerable senator, Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), moves from Toss-up to Leans Republican, while Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) moves from Leans Republican to Toss-up.

“Matt Lieberman, an entrepreneur who is the son of former Sen. Joseph Lieberman, became the first Democrat to enter the race for retiring Republican Johnny Isakson’s seat on Thursday with a promise to be a voice for frustrated Georgians,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

Oh God.

A new SurveyUSA poll in California’s 50th congressional district shows indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) facing an uphill climb to re-election, trailing three candidates. Ammar Campa-Najjar (D), who narrowly lost to Hunter a year ago, leads with 31%, followed by Carl DeMaio (R) at 20%, Darrell Issa (R) at 16% and Hunter at 11%.

The top two finishers, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the general election next November.

“In a move that is sure to ratchet up tension with the White House, cable news channel CNN is declining to run a new Trump 2020 presidential campaign ad, citing falsehoods and the ad’s open attacks on network stars,” the Daily Beast reports.

“A book that has fueled corruption allegations at the center of an unfolding impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump appears to have lifted portions of text from news articles and Wikipedia pages without proper citation or attribution,” the Daily Beast reports.

The Daily Beast found more than a dozen instances in which Secret Empires, the bestselling book by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, copied complete sentences or sizable portions of them verbatim or near-verbatim from other sources.”

Will Wilkinson: “This is no longer a tenable position. The president’s bungled bid to coerce Ukraine’s leader into helping the Trump 2020 re-election campaign smear a rival struck ‘decide it at the ballot box’ off the menu of reasonable opinion forever. Mr. Trump’s brazen attempt to cheat his way into a second term stands so scandalously exposed that there can be no assurance of a fair election if he’s allowed to stay in office. Resolving the question of the president’s fitness at the ballot box isn’t really an option, much less the best option, when the question boils down to whether the ballot box will be stuffed.”

“Impeachment is therefore imperative, not only to protect the integrity of next year’s elections but to secure America’s continued democratic existence. If the House does its job, it will fall to Senate Republicans to reveal, in their decision to convict (or not), their preferred flavor of republic: constitutional or banana.”

“Joe Biden is committing to $6 million worth of television and digital advertising in the first four states on the 2020 election-year calendar,” the AP reports.

“Elizabeth Warren recently announced a $10 million advertising commitment in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, where Biden is now focusing his ad buys.”

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