God Help Us, Scott Walker is back

Did you know that the insane Delaware version of Scott Walker was running for President? I remember hearing about it, but had forgotten, as had the rest of the country. Who knows if he was running as a Democrat or Republican, because he switches parties with each election. He apparently was also running for Governor against John Carney in 2020, but he must have forgotten to announce that to the rest of us.

It doesn’t matter though, because now, according to the latest News Journal interview with him, he is becoming a Democrat again to run against Chris Coons. And while I am all for giving Mr. Coons a primary, I don’t want his only challenger to be someone who will force me to vote for Chris Coon enthusiastically.

Mr. Walker gave some choice (read delusional) quotes to the News Journal:

“I want to attract people’s attention so that I can deliver a message,” Walker told The News Journal. “If they like my message — and I know they will like my message — then they’ll follow me.”

Ah, the words of a wanna be cult leader. Follow you? That’s not how this works. You work for people’s votes by addressing their issues, and then you follow them. The voters. Otherwise, the voters are going to fire you by throwing you out of office.

Walker said he made the first switch from Democrat to Republican because he got physically ill after 2016, which spurred a “transcendental awakening.” He said he realized that he lives in Sussex County, where the electorate has traditionally swung right in presidential and midterm elections.

There are so many things I have to say about that one paragraph. I also got physically ill after the election in 2016, but I experience no awakening that forced me to become a Republican. Also, it seems rather late in the game as a perennial candidate to not know that, no matter how red Sussex County becomes, New Castle County will always be deep blue and more populous.

Mr. Walker says he realizes that now, hence his becoming a Democrat again and his moving to Newark (I’ll alert the authorities there) so that he can be close to the Democratic electorate. But Scotty, we remember your prior campaigns. We remember your embrace of Trump. It ain’t gonna fly.

“I mean, I could go back in it,” he said about presidency of the United States. “The way things are going now, I think the Democrats are going to need a strong presidential contender. But right now, I’m concentrated on the U.S. Senate race.”

I can’t.

“People kept coming up to me, friends, asking me to run (for governor),” he said. “I thought it would be a good idea at the time.”

Who does he sound like here? People keep telling me…… They say…. Everyone is saying…..

“This is the last run,” the 68-year-old said. “I’m not getting any younger.”

Do you promise?

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6 comments on “God Help Us, Scott Walker is back

  1. The same Slumlord Scott Walker, who been fined by the state multiple times for unlivable apartments he was over occupying and charging rent for uninhabitable places… yeah he’s different from the other
    Give me a break, not only is this fella the same but furthers them by leaving his ugly ass signs on private properties thinking he’s got a chance at fighting the snakes when he’s one of the biggest ones!!

  2. Bad News, there is no god and Scott Walker is much too real, make it stop.

  3. Fuming Riley

    I’m from WI, you’re telling me that there’s another Scott Walker….God forbid. It’ll take years for WI to recover from the damage done by our Scott Walker. He was a typical Republican; anti-union, anti-envroment but pro-big business (the horrible Foxconn deal). From were I stand one Scott Walker is more than enough.

  4. Rufus Y Kneedog

    The troubling part about Scott Walker is that he got 35% of the vote for US Rep in the last election after winning the Republican primary. That still boggles my mind.

  5. Ann Mills

    Scott Walker shouldn’t be allowed to put up his crappy signs! He didn’t take the crappy ones down from 4 years ago!

    • Jane Campbell

      Who cares how crappy the signs are? I am more concerned about the fact that he NAILS them directly to the trees, therefore putting the tree in jeopardy. Nails kill trees! Period! In the past, I have called his campaign to remove the nails. There were praises that he would, but the signs remained–and remained way past the deadline to remove them after the election.

      If a candidate can’t follow the rules and requests as simple as this, he certainly does not deserve to have his name mentioned in any context.

      Scott Walker–have some respect.

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