Campaign Report – 9/24/2019

A new USA Today/Suffolk poll in Nevada finds Joe Biden leading the Democratic presidential race with 23%, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 19% and Bernie Sanders at 14%. Among the second tier of candidates: Kamala Harris was at 4% while Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer are at 3%. Twenty-one percent of those surveyed said they remain undecided.

A new a Emerson poll finds Joe Biden with a small lead in the Democratic presidential race nationally at 25%, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 23%, Bernie Sanders at 22%, Andrew Yang at 8%, Pete Buttigieg at 6% and Kamala Harris at 4%.

Key takeaway: Biden is down 6 points since last month while Warren is up eight points. No other candidate polls higher than 2%.

But the most important new poll today is one from New Hampshire, showing Elizabeth Warren jumping into the lead there as well. A new Monnouth poll in New Hampshire finds Elizabeth Warren leading the Democratic primary race with 27%, followed by Joe Biden at 25%, Bernie Sanders at 12%, Pete Buttigieg at 10%,

They are followed by Kamala Harris at 3%, Cory Booker at 2%, Tulsi Gabbard at 2%, Amy Klobuchar at 2%, Tom Steyer at 2% and Andrew Yang at 2%. The remaining 10 candidates included in the poll earn 1% or less.

Said pollster Patrick Murray: “Warren continues to look stronger with every new poll. She seems to be picking up support across the spectrum with gains coming at the expense of both Biden and Sanders.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders “unveiled a proposal to create a new tax on the wealth of the richest Americans, including a steep tax on billionaires that could greatly diminish their fortunes,” the New York Times reports.

“With the proposal, Mr. Sanders is embracing an idea that has been a centerpiece of the campaign of his top progressive rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But while Ms. Warren came first, Mr. Sanders is going bigger. His wealth tax would apply to a larger number of households, impose a higher top rate and raise more money.”

Politico: “The South Bend mayor’s bus tour — leaning into the ultimate press access that fueled his early rise last spring and propelled him into the middle of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary — is more of a Live Tweet Express than its original inspiration, John McCain’s 2000-era Straight Talk Express.”

“Entering the fall months outside the top three spots in the polls, Buttigieg’s campaign is betting again on that transparency, and a rush of headlines and social media posts from reporters transcribing all of his on-the-bus musings, to boost him in Iowa and draw a strong contrast with other candidates less inclined to engage the media.”

“Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign on Tuesday announced an early-state ad campaign of at least $10 million, suggesting that the Massachusetts senator is continuing to raise big money from grass-roots donors after an anemic start,” Politico reports.

“The campaign also released three ads Tuesday — 15-second30-second, and 1-minute spots — which highlight Warren’s policy plans and her intention to crack down on corruption in government.”

FiveThirtyEight: “Moderate, independent and undecided voters are not the same, and none of these groups are reliably centrist. They are ideologically diverse, so there is no simple policy solution that will appeal to all of them.”

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has qualified for the October Democratic presidential primary debate, making her the twelfth candidate to hit the Democratic National Committee’s thresholds, Politico reports.

She may not have a good time at that debate, since everyone on stage will attack her for opposing Impeachment and defending Trump, just as her Russian paymasters want.

Former Vice President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday that Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump if he continues to stonewall attempts to investigate his alleged wrongdoing, including his call to the Ukrainian president.

Biden’s statement came amid rising calls among Democrats to begin impeachment efforts in wake of Trump’s reported attempts to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden.

“If the President does not comply with such a request of the Congress, if he continues to obstruct Congress and flaunt the law, Donald Trump will leave congress, in my view no choice, but to initiate impeachment,” Biden said. “That would be a tragedy, but a tragedy of his own making.”

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign is putting resources into Maine, where it hopes to help unseat Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in one of the most high-profile Senate races of this cycle,” the Daily Beast reports.

“A new memo sent to supporters… details a series of investments on state directors and organizers for states that vote and caucus in March. The campaign is devoting these resources not just to boost Warren ahead of primary voting but to assist Democrats in marquee Senate, House, and state legislative contests in 2020.”

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