Watch This, Then Watch It Again

This is our children’s reality.

The power of this PSA lies in its truth. If you are against background checks, closing the gun show loophole, etc. you are saying that dead children (and adults) are just the price we have to pay. You’ll need to own that.

3 comments on “Watch This, Then Watch It Again

  1. Wow… A 66-second emotional roller coaster… And that ending was a total gut punch, as we finally got our oldest a phone of his own to stay in touch after school lets out.

    I’d like to think that legislators like Dave Lawson or Bryan Pettyjohn would watch this and rethink their “I’m cool with dead kids so long as America has unfettered access to guns” stance, but who am I kidding…

    • I cried at the ending. It was so real. If you haven’t read the texts kids sent their parents during actual shootings, grab some tissues and go read them.

      And people unwilling to do anything about gun violence are “cool with dead kids”.

  2. I saw this on television before it hit the blogs. This good, but the video that moves the nation is a recreation of the Sandy Hook crime scene. Use actors and makeup to make it look like the original crime scene. Show the visceral effects of high velocity rounds in real flesh. The bodies splayed in unnatural death. Blood splatter everywhere, coating everything. Don’t exaggerate one iota, but don’t hide the truth, either. This is the illustration of national gun policy. Nothing but this or the original Sandy Hook crime scene photos will do. (Apologies to relatives of victims, no emotional harm is intended. You have already suffered too much.) Show what the first responders saw, smelled, heard. Don’t hold back anything.

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