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Second Time’s a Charm – Stephanie Barry announces run for the 21st RD

And this time, she is starting early, which is what all prospective candidates seeking to topple longtime incumbents should be doing.

“This campaign is about making sure that everyone in Pike Creek and Middle Run Valley finally has the representation they need in Dover. Last year in just under four months we knocked tens of thousands of doors, I had the opportunity to talk to people across the 21st District, and we came within 409 votes of victory,” Barry said. “I know many people in this community are ready for a real change, and 2020 is the year we can achieve it together.”

Barry was the Democratic candidate against State Representative Mike Ramone (R) in 2018, but she entered that race in the late summer of that year, and thus had a short time to build up a campaign. Yet, as Ms. Barry states, they did it, and came within inches of winning. By announcing her campaign now, she gets an extra 12 months to knock on tens of thousands of more doors and appear at so many more events so that the neighbors and communities in the 21st RD know they have an alternative to the self dealing and conflicted Mike Ramone.

Barry said that her decision to run for office again came after encouragement from neighbors, family, and friends while she helped lead efforts to push back against potential development of the former Three Little Bakers Golf Course in Pike Creek.

“My neighbors in the 21st District agree that it’s time to give Delaware workers a raise. They agree that we need paid leave for all. They agree that health care and mental health services are too often out of reach. They agree that every child deserves access to a great public school in their neighborhood,” Barry said. She promises to put the needs of the people over the wants of developers. She said her campaign will be all about neighbors working together.

Mr. Ramone was pretty frustrated about being challenged in 2018, and he behaved badly. Here is hoping he is more of a gentleman this time around. He should want to, since the electorate in the presidential year of 2020, with the anti-Trump suburbs in the 21st RD turning out in droves, may not be kind to him.

Here is her announcement video:

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20 comments on “Second Time’s a Charm – Stephanie Barry announces run for the 21st RD

  1. Don Peterson

    It will interesting to see if the Stonewall DEMOCRATS endorse the REPUBLICAN Ramone again this time like they did last time! Let’s hope they finally see the light!

    • Delaware Dem

      The Stonewall Democrats lost all credibility as an organization with that endorsement and it won’t get it back any time soon.

  2. Mitch Crane

    The Stonewall Democrats did not endorse Mike Ramone in 2018. The Barbara Gittings Stonewall Democrats dissolved early last year and transferred its assets to the newly formed Delaware Stonewall PAC, a non-partisan PAC. Based on the standards set by the PAC, incumbents seeking endorsement were rated solely on their voting record on LGBT focused legislation. Like it or not, Representative Mike Ramone received a 100% rating and was endorsed, even though he is a Republican. The PAC Board will consider revisions of its endorsement standards for incumbents in making endorsements for 2020. One change under consideration is asking about support for anti-LGBT “leaders” such as Donald Trump.

    • Interesting. Since the assets were transferred, there are people that donated to the Stonewall Democrats that actually ended up having their money sent to a Republican? Hopefully the Stonewall PAC will see the light this time and maybe even let Ramone know that his time is up.

    • So you now belong to the Delaware Stonewall PAC? And it’s non-partisan. And in your mind, Stonewall Democrats (if they still exist) have absolutely no responsibility whatsoever in the selection of Ramone? The problem, Mitch, is that to a reasonable ear you have tap-danced all around the central issue: has the Stonewall Democrats shifted from an ally of the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party to a one issue group?

      • Mitch Crane

        Paul, if you read what was written very carefully, you will realize that the Delaware Stonewall (Barbara Gittings) Democrats SHUT DOWN. It did not exist during the 2018 campaign season and it endorsed NO ONE. That organization was, and Delaware Stonewall PAC is, a one issue group.

    • This comment lays out the bullshit very candidly. There are no innocent Republicans. As Liberal Geek points out those transferred assets were donations given to a Democratic organization. They were misappropriated and given to a Trump supporting Republican. Does it rise to the level of a crime? Well, I’m not lawyer. but it is a crime against decency IMHO.

    • “The Barbara Gittings Delaware Stonewall Democrats, formerly Delaware Stonewall Democratic Club (name formally changed during our 2011 Annual Membership Meeting), organized on February 1, 2003, as a 501(c) 4 nonprofit chapter of the National Stonewall Democrats. It’s mission is to secure for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people the equal human rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Delaware; to foster the ideals of the Democratic Party; and to contribute to the Party’s growth and influence.” This group is clearly partisan. Why? Why change to non-partisan now? Why was the group non-existent in 2018? What group(s) do you belong to now? Does any form of Delaware Stonewall Democrats still exist? Are you first a Democrat or first a Stonewall PAC member?

      • Mitch Crane

        pick up the phone and ask me. BTW, are you a member? If not, it is none of your business, Paul

        • Why, you can’t answer in public? And sorry, but if it’s a lobbying group, it’s everybody’s business. Funny, but there were never any problems like this until you came along, Mitch.

          Could it be that this organization is about itself and not about its stated goals? Wouldn’t be the first example.

          • Many people are saying “I never actually supported Mitch” 🙂
            The dude has been totally consistent since I first observed his act.

        • Mitch, I thought you were my friend. Your comment here in this space raised some questions in my mind. I asked for clarification twice. Your first response was condescending, which I decided to ignore. Now your second response is just flat-out rude. You know I unequivocally support the LBGTQ Community, and Stonewall Democratic Club. I always thought the Delaware Stonewall Democratic Club was ready to act on a variety of issues, making that group a good ally. Now I’ve read two almost unintelligible posts by you that leaves the single issue/broad based question less clear than ever. Apparently questions people ask you about the endorsement of Mike Ramone make you feel irritable. Questions about the Delaware Stonewall Democratic club make you feel irritable. Irritable or not, no likes rudeness or condescension.

  3. cassandram

    Help Stephanie get off to a strong start — you can donate to her campaign here.

    Signup to volunteer at her website here.

  4. OMG Mitch are you kidding with this fucking nonsense? Your “that wasn’t really a real thing, but now it is real BECAUSE RULES”. Is pathetic. Just cop to being caught out for being fucking frauds last time and try to do better next time.

    In the meantime, I will not be holding my breath. Since Mitch can’t answer a simple question, I get the impression that Stonewall Whatever’s (Don’t YOU DARE call them Democrats) are gearing up to support Ramone AGAIN based on their single issue mission: getting invited to the right cocktail parties. Pitiful.

  5. John Kowalko

    Let’s not forget a hearty thank you to Mike Ramone from all of the under 18 year olds and job starters. They’ll still be eligible for food-stamps and medicaid since Mikey has decided to keep their wages below any livable threshold. Special thanks to Petey Schwartzkopf who has desk draw vetoed my (and Kim Williams) bill that would repeal Ramone’s “lifeguard fair pay act” that adds to his swim club profit margins. Thanks to all the greedy, lying bastards on both sides of the aisle who voted for that piece of shit bill because Danny (my wallet certainly isn’t) Short who threatened to hold the Bond Bill hostage. And a special shout out to all of the gutless bastards who said we struck a deal and made a promise that we had to keep rather than stay in session until the Bond Bill was finally and inevitably passed. And a full throated “F-U” to any and all that said “WE” made a deal. What you mean “WE” Kimo-sabe.
    Representative John Kowalko

  6. Does Stephanie Barry support LGBT rights? I assume she does, and if so, that makes the endorsement of Ramone even worse. It’s not even the case the he supports the LGBT community against a conservative Dem. Stonewall violated its founding mission. Disgusting.

  7. John Kowalko

    I just want to post this important fact. When we talk about ‘single issues” and devotion to those single issues while ignoring a majority of fairness and “equality” issues of all of those in need than we risk becoming as useless and damaging as those that oppose fairness and equitable treatment for all. Great strides have been made in gender bias issues but no noticeable progress has been made in education equality, wage equality, health care equality, class equality, immigration equality and a host of other divisive issues. So if your group/organization is committed/dedicated and embedded in a single issue while ignoring the plight of society your group has become as obstructive to honesty and fairness as any of the virulent and deliberate opponents of equality and until these groups can self-examine and recommit I, for one , will no longer accept their endorsement if offered.

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