Delaware Chancery Court enters the 2020 Presidential Arena

The Delaware Way of catering to every whim and desire of the corporate world was bound to hurt Biden eventually in his third run for the White House. But I didn’t think it would be based on an irrational personal grudge from years ago.

According to CBS News, a “wealthy private citizen named Shirley Shawe,” who is the mother of Phil Shawe, who was one side of the TransPerfect nonsense that Colin Bonini went nuts over a couple of years ago, “has purchased $500,000 in ad time in early-voting states to slam Joe Biden over a business dispute that negatively affected her son’s company years ago.”

Now, mind you, the business dispute does not involve Joe Biden. I doubt Phil Shawe and Shirley Shawe have ever met Joe Biden. Joe Biden has not taken any side in this business dispute that primarily involved Phil’s breaking up with his fiance, TransPerfect’s other owner, Liz Elting. Joe Biden is not now or has ever been a judge on the Delaware Chancery Court. Joe Biden was not involved in any aspect of ruling on the TransPerfect dispute.

Here is the ad, which is not, in my opinion, really that effective. Amateurish. Voters eyes glaze over when we talk about Chancery Courts and technical details, although introducing future President Elizabeth Warren at the end was good.

I just don’t get the point of airing this against Joe Biden. If the point is that he supported Delaware’s Chancery Court system, well then this ad applies to nearly all Delaware politicians, left and right, living or dead.

The Biden campaign says the ad “misrepresents Vice President Biden’s position in this exchange from 2005 [with Warren] by manipulating footage to suggest he means one court when he means another,” said Jamal Brown from the Biden campaign. “It’s a clear reminder of the way that third-party money poisons our politics with false attack ads, and it has no place in this race.”

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7 comments on “Delaware Chancery Court enters the 2020 Presidential Arena

  1. cassandram

    Thousands of people in early voting states are watching this and checking their Google locations to make sure they aren’t in Delaware.

  2. These Shawe people are like the gopher in Caddyshack. It’s impossible to get rid of them.

  3. Joe Connor

    Putting this in the right place, Jud sent this out last night to his email list.

    A little background on the 500K ad buy against Biden in Iowa. Ole Jud has been flogging this story for years
    Judson Bennett’s Coastal Network
    If Former Vice President Joe Biden Doesn’t Win, Delaware Democrats Can Point the Finger at One Person: Andre Bouchard
    I told you so, folks! You heard it here first. You can’t go around doing, what I clearly see, as stealing $250 million and not expect to be held accountable for it! Andre Bouchard has led his band of cronies, happily, as I see it, milking a very-profitable, not-at-all “dysfunctional” and, in fact, quite successful company for millions upon millions of dollars. Did they think no one was watching? Did they think no one would see this injustice happening over the past few years?
    You read it here first folks and now you’re reading about this story EVERYWHERE! CBS, Bloomberg News, U.K.’s Daily Mail (see below). This story is not only getting national headlines, it’s getting international headlines and it’s being talked about as the Democratic debates are about to heat back up and Delaware’s own Joe Biden and Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren are both part of this international story!

    • Anyone who actually followed the story knows how full of shit this is. But we should thank Jud for proving once again that there’s no conservative Republican stupider than a Delaware conservative Republican.

  4. Joe Connor

    There is a picture circulation With Ms Shawe in Bonini’s Legislative office with Ramone and Bonini campaign signs in the background. I am proud to say Jud blames me for his 4 vote county Council loss in ’04 🙂

  5. Point of Order

    There would be karmic justice if this suit, filed in Nevada, rules against Shawe as well. Having moved to a less developed jurisdiction, the Shawes hope to get the results they think they should get. As if Nevada doesn’t often “crib” off Delaware.

    Bon Chance has amis!

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