Joe needs some better surrogates

Because Darius Brown is not going to cut it.

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9 comments on “Joe needs some better surrogates

  1. Blueneck

    Joe needs some better (a lot of things). It’s one thing to be tone deaf, but to be arrogant about it is another. I can’t believe that this guy has a job.

    People like this are why I stopped being involved with the party.

  2. Firststate

    Whoever in the Biden camp thought it be a good idea to bring in “Darius can’t be bothered paying my taxes Brown” didn’t do their homework. He’s never been exactly a great speaker and well that rap sheet and all he has may be ok with some folks in Wilmington but not Iowa.

  3. DE Native

    Darius is a stain on our party. It is one thing to embrace people who have made changes from their past but another to let an egomaniac continue to skirt the law, especially on taxes that benefit society.

    • DE Native

      The staff in Dover do not like him either. He refuses to address them directly and treats them as if they are beneath him. I can’t confirm that personally since I do not work with him, but it is what I was told when I met up with some of the staff down there.

      • DE Nativity

        Most of the staff are lazy morons. Not saying they deserve it but we don’t have the brightest down in Dover. I can’t confirm that personally since I do not work with them.

  4. Joe Connor

    That was beyond painful:(

  5. I find this to be standard policy for Joe Biden: lack of oversight and lack of thoroughness. I will vote for him if he gets the nomination but it is sad choice if it is between him and Trump. How in the world could Biden not see that this man is obviously not right.

  6. He didn’t get it that wrong? The CJR legislation, some info which Darius is sponsoring, is trying to undo the policies set forth in the ninties in correlation with the crime bill?

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