What should we send to Republican State Party Chairs?

So apparently the Republican National Committee has spent untold Republican donations to send the Democratic State Party chairs a letter, a nice big American flag, and a copy of the Flag Code in an apparent trolling operation. Poor Ronna Romney McDaniel is offended that the Democrats did not condemn protesters who allegedly burned American flags in Colorado, DC and Philadelphia and because Democrats did not condemn a private company who made a market decision to remove the Betsy Ross circle of stars flag from their shoes.

Here is Romney’s letter:

Delaware Democratic Party Chair Erik Raser-Schramm’s response was to thank Romney for replacing a fading and worn flag he already had flying high at his farm. He was tickled that Republican donations paid for it, betting that Republican donors will not be happy that their money paid for flags for Democrats.

Jesse Chadderdon, the Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director, suggested that we or the DNC should send Romney and the Republican State Party Chairs pocket constitution so that they can all brush up on the First Amendment right to free expression and free speech, among a host of other things, like Article II and Article I.

I think that is a good idea. Except I don’t want Democratic money paying for it. Maybe Tom Steyer can redirect some of his largess to this endeavor. It will be worth more in the end than spending it on a quixotic presidential campaign.

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8 comments on “What should we send to Republican State Party Chairs?

  1. Send them all a copy of the Mueller Report.

  2. I think I could probably swing the Constitution out of my own pocket. A good, hand-stitched, Made-In-America Russian flag to wrap it in for them is probably a little steeper though.

  3. Another reminder that the Republicans never cease to beat a dead horse, attempt to revive it and then beat it again. The bit with the flag and the cloth worshippers is typical for them, note their still heavy into Michael Steele’s famed ploy of referring to the Democratic party as “the Democrat party”. Gee, I feel so “owned”.

    • Delaware Dem

      The Democrat Party epithet started long before Steele. It was used in Nixon and Reagan’s time by Pat Buchanan, but Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush really brought it out into the open.

  4. I can think of so many things…

    Instead of spending money we can put together an ever-so-helpful of Republicans reading the Constitution (iirc the GOP read the Constitution when taking over the House in 2011). We could just send the parts with the stuff Trump is violating (like the part about emoluments and stuff about impeachment. We could even add Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA music so they’ll like it. We don’t want to send a physical copy of the Constitution because we know that reading is something that pointy-headed intellectuals do. We could send them the video of all the times Trump criticized and insulted America interspersed with Trump saying people who don’t like America can leave.

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