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The Campaign Report – 7/22/19

Politico: “Elizabeth Warren has cut sharply into Bernie Sanders’ front-runner standing among members of the progressive political action committee Democracy for America, according to the group’s latest straw poll, while Kamala Harris vaulted ahead of Joe Biden into third place.”

“Sanders led Warren by more than 30 percentage points in the group’s previous survey in April, but the independent senator from Vermont saw his edge over Warren fall to just more than 6 percentage points in the latest survey.”

Boston Globe: “With a little more than six months to go until the 2020 New Hampshire primary, Sanders can no longer take the state for granted. He has gone from being the unquestioned front-runner to second place — and sliding.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “predicted an imminent economic crisis unless the Trump administration and Congress quickly pass legislation to regulate the financial sector and significantly reduce middle class household debt,” Politico reports.

Said Warren: “Warning lights are flashing. Whether it’s this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high — and growing.”

The Washington Post notes Joe Biden has been endorsed by 15 members of Congress, Kamala Harris by 12, Cory Booker by 12, Amy Klobuchar by 4, Elizabeth Warren by 4 and Bernie Sanders by 3.

By this point four years ago the majority of Democrats in Congress had endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) has announced a bid against Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) in a district that has quickly become much more purple, though still maintains a definite Republican lean.

According to the Texas Tribune, the two are ideologically miles apart. Where Davis is a champion for abortion rights, Roy has made his name by being a right-wing firebrand. Davis lost in a landslide to Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in 2014 after making national waves with her filibuster of an anti-abortion bill. Roy’s Democratic opponent came within 3 points of him in 2018, just two years after the Republican incumbent won the seat by 21 points.

A Daily Beast review of campaign finance records indicates that the delayed-expenses strategy has continued through the just completed cycle, and has involved payments to campaign staffers as well. “By putting off the payments until then, Klobuchar was able to put the best possible spin on her presidential campaign’s financial position during the previous three months. If those expenses had come a day earlier, Klobuchar’s cash on hand figure would have been roughly $6.35 million. Instead, the campaign was able to claim roughly $7 million in reserves—a sum that placed her among the better-positioned Democrats in the presidential race.”

“Klobuchar, whose campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment, is one of at least four Democratic presidential candidates who appear to have skipped a staff payday at the end of June, putting off that pay period until the beginning of the following month and hence transferring the expense to the next quarter’s balance sheets.”

A new NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll finds that by a 53%-to-39% margin, Americans said they would definitely vote against President Trump, statistically unchanged from a month ago.

However, 54% of American voters did not vote for Trump in 2016.

McClatchy: “As they rise to the top of 2020 Democratic presidential field, Harris and Warren are increasingly in direct competition for many of the same voters and donors, according to polls and fundraising data, with each drawing support from the party’s more affluent, college-educated wing — particularly women.”

“The overlap between their supporters might be a surprise, especially for Warren, who is usually portrayed as being in direct competition with fellow liberal stalwart Bernie Sanders. But Warren’s strongest support so far has come from the same group of voters that is critical to Harris’ path to the nomination.”

Caught on video: With his flight delayed out of Sioux City, Iowa, Beto O’Rourke challenged his presidential campaign staff to a push up competition. Said O’Rourke: “We gotta make use of this time.”

Out this fall: RIP GOP: How the New America Is Dooming the Republicans by Stanley Greenberg.

“Greenberg argues that the 2016 election hurried the party’s imminent demise. Using amazing insights from his focus groups with real people and surprising revelations from his own polls, Greenberg shows why the GOP is losing its defining battle. He explores why the 2018 election, when the New America fought back, was no fluke. And he predicts that in 2020 the party of Lincoln will be left to the survivors, opening America up to a new era of renewal and progress.”

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