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Demographics of the First Senate District

We have featured the work and maps of Nicholas Schrieber during the election last year. Needless to say, his maps are awesome and he has allowed us to post them here

Here is his map of the First Senate District’s 2016 Election result that featured incumbent Democratic Senator Harris McDowell against Republican James Spadola, who went on to work as a Deputy Auditor. Schrieber featured the First Senate District after last week’s news that Sarah McBride will run the seat after McDowell had decided to retire.

At the time, I thought that Spadola might make the race more competitive because he was not your usual Republican sociopath, and instead had a more libertarian ideology, what with his support for the legalization of marijuana. Alas, I was wrong, and McDowell cruised to a 13 point win.

McBride resides in the Wilmington part of the district, though I am not sure which precise precinct. Regardless, she hails from the more Republican part of the district, and thus it is possible she will boost the Democratic vote in those districts and make this seat even more Democratic once the returns come in in 2020.

Here are the voter registration numbers as of July 1:

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3 comments on “Demographics of the First Senate District

  1. Mitch Crane

    Nice analysis. Sarah McBride lives in RD 4, ED 3.

  2. Spadola getting 43 percent when only 20 percent is registered gop was impressive to me. Claymont bailed McDowell out

  3. Steve Newton

    Was shocked today, standing in an elevator at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, to receive a personal call from Sarah thanking me for my donation. Sarah and I have never actually met but she’d either done her homework or genuinely remembered my support for her in the great restroom controversy in North Carolina. It’s almost a shame she’s not going to face a truly competitive opponent because I’m sure she kick their ass. Class moment with a classy lady.

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