Patient Brokering Ban Passes

Senate Bill 32 addresses an issue that shows how everything is profited off of in the private healthcare industry. Since the advent of the Opioid Crisis, addiction treatment centers have been paying people to recruit new patients. The more patients a center has, the more federal and state funding the center will receive, hence the incentive to pay people to recruit new patients, no matter how unseemly that is.

Some treatment centers hire marketers to recruit patients with insurance coverage, and then give those recruiters a kick back for each patient referred. These practices are referred to as Patient Brokering, and Senate Bill 32 bans it.

Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long: “We have had persons from out of state representing treatment facilities for mental health, substance abuse and addiction who are being paid a fee to get individuals to travel to their state.”

“We want to make that persons are taking advantage of care continuums and opportunities whether it’s in Delaware, out of state, where it’s legitimate services and it’s not someone kind of taking a kickback for their care that is so needed,” she said.

Senate Bill 32 passed the House 40-0-1 and the Senate 21-0.

WHERE IS THE BILL NOW? Passed House 40-0-1 and Senate 21-0. Sent to Governor.

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