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Party reminds General Assembly Democrats that they are Democrats [Updated]

After the news that two cowardly Senators in the Democratic caucus have killed gun safety legislation such as the gun purchase permit bill and the military assault weapon ban, coupled with the news one of the same cowardly Democratic senators, Senator Dave McBride, has put the brakes on a bill raising the minimum wage to $15 over the course of several years; the Executive Committee of the Delaware Democratic Party passed a resolution reminding Mr. McBride and any Senator or Representative who is using McBride as cover for their cowardice what the party to which they belong stands for.

[Updated]: A previous version of this story said the Executive Committee of the Delaware Democratic Party released a statement. That is incorrect. The Committee passed the following resolution, and it is publicly available on its website (where we got it), but it did not “release a statement.”

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6 comments on “Party reminds General Assembly Democrats that they are Democrats [Updated]

  1. This is exactly what Platforms are for. Congratulations DelDems.

  2. Kathleen T Kelley

    So, is it now safe to say that moderates voting for corporations and the wealthy need to change up very quickly to stay in office???! I hope so. I want a caring person to vote for.

    • I’ll settle for a non corporatist with no association to the Delaware State Police. Sadly I think the corporatists and minions of the chamber of commerce will always be with us in Delaware.

  3. Joe China

    Kool-aid Get your chains and kool-aid. Step right up and become a slave to the Democratic Party. No need to live your own life, they’ll tell you everything you need to do!

  4. Aha… the big tent party (Not)

    • meatball

      lol, yes, everyone but you and your ilk. You either declare as a democrat and the party platform or you declare as some other party….it’s not that hard to fathom, dopey.

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