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HB186 – Auditing Charter Schools

Only six months into her job, and Republican socialite turned State Auditor Kathy McGuiness is already requiring the General Assembly to pass specific legislation that tells her to do her job. You see, the Delaware Secretary of Education Susan Bunting had requested an audit of the Odyssey Charter School, a Greek-themed (what?) charter school in Wilmington. But McGuiness told Bunting that nah, she didn’t feel like it.

So House Bill 186 will forever require by law that the state auditor will conduct or contract for an audit to be conducted of any charter school upon request by the legislators or state officials. My only problem with this bill is that the target should be expanded beyond charter schools to any entity a legislator or state official wants audited, whether it is a school or an agency or a university.

WHERE IS THE BILL NOW? House Education 6/6/19

DEMOCRATIC SPONSORS – K.Williams, Walsh, Kowalko, Lockman, Paradee, Poore, Sokola, Baumbach, Bennett, Brady, Longhurst, Matthews, Mitchell, Osienski, Viola

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9 comments on “HB186 – Auditing Charter Schools

  1. Don Peterson

    It will be interesting to see what Pete does with this bill. Will he try to prevent it from being released by the committee? We know that he desk vetoes bills he doesn’t like. Will he be willing to allow a floor vote on a law the will compel his bosom buddy Kathy to do anything? Should be interesting.

  2. Blueneck

    Her winning the primary was one of the reasons I stopped being active in the party.

    • Delaware Dem

      Well, that’s dumb. You can never let one election or one idiot dissuade you. For years I had to deal with the hack Karen Weldin Stewart being insurance commissioner. I didn’t quit because of it.

      • Joe Connor

        Whats dumb is continuing to hit a piñata after the kids ate the candy 3 years ago.

    • I like being anon....

      Blueneck, it should be a sign that people like you need to become more active in the party. The party will only become hostile to people like that when enough people like us seize power.

  3. Jack Polidori

    Why don’t you bother to look at her staffing levels, the number of audits sub-contracted, and the ask yourself how much the state should spend to add real muscle to this office??? The bill is absurd.

  4. cassandram

    This is good work by Kim Williams. One of the last audits done by the Wagner was a Unit Count Audit at Odyssey. Routine, but there are multiple “Special Investigations” from last year that were one off requests from various legislators. Don’t understand the push back on this one.

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