McBride Lies to Public in Statement on Gun Measures

Pro-NRA Liar Senate President Pro Tempore David McBride has finally made a statement after hiding in shame all weekend because he lied to mothers of dead children.

And like all pro-NRA politicians, McBride has decided to double down on his lies. Here is his statement:

“In recent days, I have understandably received a number of questions about Senate Bills 68, 70 and 82, which all relate to the sale or possession of firearms and their accessories. As it stands now, none of these bills will be coming out of the Senate Executive Committee. After several hours of public debate, these measures simply lack the support they need to pass on
the Senate floor.”

Let’s stop right there. I suppose he is talking about the pro-school massacre supporters who flooded the hearing rooms. If McBride and Poore are going to base all their decisions on which unemployed and retired fascist radicals make it to a hearing room rather than representing the interests of those who have to work for a living or attend classes, then I guess we are all well and truly fucked. We will live at the mercy of the racist and well armed grandpa who does nothing but watch Fox News and attend gun safety meetings screaming about his rights. And screw the rights of the children in school who just do not want to die in class. That is what McBride and Poore are saying.

Further, all the support these bills needed to get to the Senate Floor was the support of Dave McBride and Nicole Poore. Their votes, coupled with the yes votes of fellow Executive Committee members McDowell and Townsend, would have advanced all three of the bills to the floor for a vote by the Senate. Sure, they may have been defeated on the floor, but so the fuck what? Sometimes the point of getting a vote is to find out which unmitigated bastard needs to be defeated in the next election. Well, I guess we know that anyway.

Let’s continue with McBride’s statement:

“At the start of this session, I had intended to have a floor vote on all legislation related to firearms. But, at this time, support in the Senate to move SB 68, 70 and 82 forward is almost non-existent.”

This is an outright lie by Mr. McBride. I reached out to Senator Townsend about this outrageous claim that there absolutely no support in the Senate to move these bills forward. His response: “I refer you to the fact that there are sponsors and co-sponsors of these bills.”

True enough. SB82 has the sponsorship of Senators Sturgeon, Townsend, McDowell, Lockman, and Sokola. In this twelve member Democratic Senate caucus, that comes to an existent support level of 41%. I believe you can include Senators Brown, Hansen and Walsh into the mix as supporters of the bill, which brings up to a possible and existent support level of 67%.

SB68 and SB70 had four Democratic Senators as sponsors and co-sponsors in Townsend, McDowell, Sokola and Sturgeon. And again, I think both bills would have also garnered the support of Lockman, Brown, Hansen and Walsh.

So these bills likely had the support of the Democratic caucus except for McBride, Poore, Ennis and Paradee. So Dave McBride should stop lying about this caucus, lest he is prepared to lose the right to lead it. His three pro-NRA comrades can help him sink gun safety legislation, but they won’t help him win a leadership election.

It is my hope that holding this legislation in committee will allow the sponsors to build a consensus that does not currently exist [Ed Note: repeating lies does not make them true]. To achieve that support, the proponents must, in my view, effectively address at least three issues raised in committee: the effectiveness of this legislation in achieving its intended purpose; the constitutionality of these bills; and the criminalization of what are now legal activities. I believe these are issues that should be resolved through negotiation, if possible; they will not be resolved by protracted debate on the floor of the Delaware Senate. Unless and until that happens, the Senate will proceed with other important business in the limited number of legislative days that remain.”

Except that the only attempt at negotiation on these bills (Paradee’s proposed amendment) had the affect of gutting the entire bill and making it worthless. That is not negotiating in good faith. And forget negotiating with pro-NRA Republicans. They wouldn’t know good faith if it slapped them in the face.

With his three prong test there, McBride is aligning himself with the NRA completely, who believe that any regulation or restriction on an absolute right to own any weapon of any kind is an unconstitutional attack, including any kind of background check or any training regulation. We will make sure his constituents know which side he took in his next election.

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