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Paradee Manages to Piss Everyone off, Everywhere

Congratulations, Trey. I didn’t think it could be done. But you have managed to introduce an amendment so dumb, so assine, and yet so nefarious and insidious that you have angered not only the gun nuts and Moms demanding action, but also the moderates in the middle you seek to somehow impress. And that you take this as a point of pride that you are doing something right only indicts your cynical political sabotage even more.

SB 68 prohibits the manufacture, sale, offer to sell, transfer, purchase, receipt, possession, or transport of assault weapons in Delaware. Trey’s Amendment (which you can read here), says that if you were born before June 30, 1998 the assault weapons ban doesn’t apply to you. If you are 21 or over you can keep on buying, selling and owning assault weapons.

Here is the synopsis of the Amendment: “This Amendment preserves many of the gun safety measures contained within the Act, but exempts the following individuals who are not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm from being prohibited from owning, purchasing, or transferring an assault weapon: 1. Delaware residents born on or before June 30, 1998. 2. Delaware residents who hold a valid license to carry a concealed deadly weapon. 3. Delaware residents who have completed a firearms training course that is sponsored by a federal, state, county or municipal law enforcement agency; a college; a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training; or a firearms training school with instructors certified by a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training. In addition, this Amendment permits licensed firearm dealers to sell or transfer an assault weapon to the 3 types of individuals exempted from the Act’s prohibition by this Amendment.

So the Amendment literally says “pay not attention to the original language of the bill, because this amendment reverses all of it.” Why doesn’t Trey just vote no on the bill and join his friends in the NRA and the GOP? It would be easier than this pretzel twisting amendment.

The Senate Executive committee is set to hear three highly controversial gun bills this afternoon, at 2:30 p.m. Please contact their members to let them know they must reject this Amendment:

Senate Executive Committee Members
President Pro Temp David McBride
Majority Leader Nicole Poole
Majority Whip Bryan Townsend
Minority Leader Gerald Hocker
Minority Whip Catherine Cloutier

Also contact the good Senator Paradee and let him know how you feel:  302-744-4286.

Paradee says that he will not support the assault weapons bill as written, without his Amendment. He joins Sen. Bruce Ennis in joining the terrorist group known as the NRA. With a 12-9 majority, it means that the Dems will need Republican Cathy Cloutier or Anthony DelCollo to vote with them in order to pass the bill, assuming no other Democratic defections to terrorists.

Gov. John Carney supports the bill but not the amendment, according to a spokesman. Senator Bryan Townsend, the bill’s prime sponsor, also opposes the Paradee Gutting Amendment.

9 comments on “Paradee Manages to Piss Everyone off, Everywhere

  1. John Polidori

    Well-stated and well done. It’s an absolutely pathetic act by the Senator. One would have thought that a longtime, principled opponent of such legislation, say a Sen. Bruce Ennis, for example, would simply have opposed it on the substance.
    I hope the Dover-area constituents of Senator P are paying close attention.

    • Who is John (Jack) Polidori?

    • Donyale Hall

      John, I live in his district. In all fairness. His predecessor, Sen. Bushweller, voted no on these bills last session. Clearly this district’s constituency, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians alike, all weighed in on preserving their Second Amendment rights and were heard and represented. This is not a partisan issue. People from within each party vary on their opinions.

  2. Delaware27

    Dumbest political move in a while. He stabbed moms demand action in the back and the gun rights people still oppose it. So now everyone hates him. Not sure how long this guy will survive Delaware politics with cute dog pics. Guy never really seemed like a whole lot of substance to me anyway. Crawling back to the nra is trey. Seems like they won’t even forgive him

  3. Wowzer

    Dumbest move ever. He stabs his caucus and dems in the back and the gun rights people who he’s now crawling back to won’t even support it. Cute dog pics may no longer be enough for trey to survive/

  4. cassandram

    Moms Demand Action helped Trey with a campaign photo op back in September — driving themselves and their kids to Dover. While Senator Paradee provided assurances he was with them in creating a safer Delaware by supporting sensible regulation, he seems to have utterly turned his back on them. And on the rest of us, frankly.

  5. 😄

  6. David Anderson

    Popcorn please.

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