Dear Democrat: It’s Time for Action

The Delaware Democratic Party Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon has a simple message to the rank and file member of the Delaware Democratic Party: it is time for us to take action. It is time for us to lobby our legislators if we want action on gun safety bills. It is a message that I wholeheartedly endorse. And to help you all out, I will provide the phone numbers and email addresses of every Democratic member of the General Assembly below. But here is Chadderdon’s letter:

Dear Democrat,

On Wednesday, the General Assembly will consider three bills in the Senate Executive Committee that taken together, will go a long way toward curbing gun violence and reducing the threat of mass gun violence here in Delaware.

Since Sandy Hook, many Democratic leaders have worked hard to pass meaningful reforms that have made our children and families safer. We’ve closed Delaware’s gun show loophole, extended the background check period on gun purchases, banned bump stocks, and passed red flag laws that prevent known threats from possessing firearms.

At every turn, the NRA tried to stand in the way, and at every turn, our leaders didn’t blink. We can’t blink now.

That’s why we’re asking for your help on two important fronts:

1) Please call or write your Senator and tell them that like nearly three in four Delawareans, you support common sense gun safety reforms like banning military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that are manufactured to kill.

2) Please consider donating $50, $25 or whatever you are able to help the Democratic Party continue to recruit, train, and elect candidates who will take on the NRA and the Republicans they bankroll.

Our Party Platform is crystal clear: “Gun violence is taking far too many lives in Delaware. Delaware Democrats support common sense gun safety measures while respecting responsible gun ownership. We will build on successful efforts at the state level and proposed efforts at the federal level to get weapons of war away from criminals and off our streets.”

We know common sense restrictions on assault weapons and magazine capacities can reduce gun violence and we know such restrictions are constitutional, as appellate courts have consistently ruled that they do not violate the second amendment.

Still, despite those realities and the overwhelming public support for this legislation, these bills still face an uphill battle due to the gun lobby’s aggressive and well-funded opposition. The only way we can defeat them is by making our voices heard, and matching their financial support.

Thank you for joining with our courageous Democratic leaders and the tireless advocates who together are on the precipice of making Delawareans safer from gun violence in the places they learn, work, play, and pray.

With gratitude,

Jesse Chadderdon

Executive Director
Delaware Democratic Party

Click on the name of the legislator for their email address and phone numbers.

Harris B. McDowell(D)District: 1
Darius J. Brown(D)District: 2
S. Elizabeth Lockman(D)District: 3
Laura Sturgeon(D)District: 4
Catherine Cloutier(R)District: 5Senate Minority Whip
Ernesto B Lopez(R)District: 6
Anthony Delcollo(R)District: 7
David P. Sokola(D)District: 8
John Walsh(D)District: 9
Stephanie L. Hansen(D)District: 10
Bryan Townsend(D)District: 11Senate Majority Whip
Nicole Poore(D)District: 12Senate Majority Leader
David B. McBride(D)District: 13President Pro Tempore
Bruce C. Ennis(D)District: 14
Dave G. Lawson(R)District: 15
Colin Bonini(R)District: 16
Trey Charles Paradee(D)District: 17
David L. Wilson(R)District: 18
Brian Pettyjohn(R)District: 19
Gerald W. Hocker(R)District: 20Senate Minority Leader
Bryant L. Richardson(R)District: 21
Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha(D)District: 1
Stephanie T. Bolden(D)District: 2
Sherry Dorsey Walker(D)District: 3
Gerald L. Brady(D)District: 4
Kendra Johnson(D)District: 5
Debra Heffernan(D)District: 6
Raymond Seigfried(D)District: 7
Quinton Johnson(D)District: 8
Kevin S Hensley(R)District: 9
Sean Matthews(D)District: 10
Jeffrey N. Spiegelman(R)District: 11
Krista Griffith(D)District: 12
John L. Mitchell(D)District: 13House Majority Whip
Peter C. Schwartzkopf(D)District: 14Speaker of the House
Valerie Longhurst(D)District: 15House Majority Leader
Franklin D. Cooke(D)District: 16
Melissa Minor-Brown(D)District: 17
David Bentz(D)District: 18
Kimberly Williams(D)District: 19
Stephen Smyk(R)District: 20
Michael Ramone(R)District: 21
Michael F. Smith(R)District: 22
Paul S. Baumbach(D)District: 23
Edward S. Osienski(D)District: 24
John A. Kowalko(D)District: 25
John J. Viola(D)District: 26
Earl G. Jaques Jr.(D)District: 27
William J. Carson(D)District: 28
William Bush(D)District: 29
Shannon Morris(R)District: 30
Sean M. Lynn(D)District: 31
Andria L. Bennett(D)District: 32
Charles S Postles Jr.(R)District: 33
Lyndon D. Yearick(R)District: 34
Jesse R. Vanderwende(R)District: 35
Bryan W. Shupe(R)District: 36
Ruth Briggs King(R)District: 37
Ronald E. Gray(R)District: 38
Daniel B. Short(R)District: 39House Minority Leader
Timothy D. Dukes(R)District: 40House Minority Whip
Richard G. Collins(R)District: 41

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    I’m not in Delaware, but just wanted to point out what a great post this is!

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